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Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga
BornStefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
(1986-03-28) 28 Mairch 1986 (age 38)
New York Certy, U.S.
  • Sangster
  • sangwriter
  • actress
  • record producer
Years active2001–present
Net wirthUS $275 million
(Februar 2016 estimate)
Pairtner(s)Taylor Kinney (2011–2016)
AwairdsFull leet
Muisical career
  • Vocals
  • piano
Associate acts

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta[a] (born 28 Mairch 1986), kent perfaisionally as Lady Gaga, is an American sangster, sangwriter, an actress. She is kent for her unconventionality an provocative wark, as weel as veesual experimentation. Gaga begoud performin as a teenager, singin at open mic nichts an actin in schuil plays. She studied at Collaborative Arts Project 21, throu New York Varsity's Tisch School of the Arts, afore drappin oot tae pursue a muisic career. Efter Def Jam Recordings cancelled her contract, Gaga wirkit as a sangwriter for Sony/ATV Music Publishing, whaur Akon helped her sign a jynt deal wi Interscope Records an his awn label KonLive Distribution in 2007. She rose tae prominence the follaein year wi her debut album, the electropop record The Fame, an its chairt-tappin singles "Just Dance" an "Poker Face". A follae-up EP, The Fame Monster (2009), featurin the singles "Bad Romance", "Telephone", an "Alejandro", an aw pruived successfu.

Gaga's seicont fou-lenth album Born This Way (2011) explored electronic rock an techno-pop. The album peaked atap the US Billboard 200 an sauld mair nor ane million copies in the kintra in its first week. Its teetle track becam the fastest sellin song on the iTunes Store wi ower a million dounlaids in less nor a week. Gaga venturt intae EDM wi her third studio album Artpop (2013), that reached nummer ane in the US an included the single "Applause". Her collaborative jazz album wi Tony Bennett, titled Cheek to Cheek, an her saft rock-influenced fift studio album, Joanne (2016), an aw tappit the US chairts. In this period, Gaga an aw venturt intae acting, playin leadin roles in the miniseries American Horror Story: Hotel (2015–2016), for that she received a Gowden Globe Awaird, an the muisical romantic drama film A Star Is Born (2018). She an aw contreibutit tae the latter's soondtrack, that made her the anerly wumman tae achieve five US nummer ane albums in the 2010s. Its lead single "Shallow" tappit the chairts in seiven kintras an haes been nominatit for several awairds.

Haein sauld 27 million albums and 146 million singles as o Januar 2016, Gaga is ane o the best-sellin muisic airtists in history. Her achievements include several Guinness World Records, six Grammys, three Brit Awairds, and an awaird frae the Songwriters Hall of Fame an the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Gaga haes been declared Billboard's Airtist o the Year an includit amang Forbes's pouer an earnins rankins. She wis rankit at nummer fower on VH1's Greatest Weemen in Muisic in 2012, finished seicont on Time's 2011 readers' poll o the maist influential fowk o the past ten years, an wis named Billboard's Wumman o the Year in 2015. She is kent for her philanthropy an social activism, includin LGBT richts, an for her non-profit organisation, the Born This Way Foundation, that focuses on promotin youth empouerment an combatin bullyin.

Albums[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • The Fame (2008)
  • The Fame Monster (2009)
  • Born This Way (2011)
  • Artpop (2013)
  • Cheek to Cheek (2014)
  • Joanne (2016)
  • Chromatica (2020)

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