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Rugger/Rocky/Fourtrak F70

The Daihatsu Rugger wis an off-road vehicle built bi Daihatsu between 1984 an 2002. The Rugger wis called the Daihatsu Rocky in maist export markets, an Daihatsu Fourtrak in the UK.

First generation (1984-1992)[eedit | eedit soorce]

Rugger/Rocky/Fourtrak (First generation)

The first generation wis sold frae 1984 tae 1993, replacin the Daihatsu Taft. It wis available in short wheel base form wi a convertible soft top or removable hard top an in extendit wheel base form wi metal top. The extended variant, called Rugger Wagon, coud carry up tae aicht fowk in the back. Three ingines wur available, a Toyota 3y petrol 2.0 L wi ane overhead cam, a single carburettor an 88 PS (65 kW); an twa 2.8 Diesel variants, normally aspirated wi 73 PS (54 kW), or turbocharged wi 88 PS (65 kW), baith featurin overhead valve. Part-time 4WD wis standard on all models. An upscale version wis sold in the Japanese market as the Toyota Blizzard.

Seicont generation (1992-2002)[eedit | eedit soorce]

The seicont generation wis introduced in 1992 an available for export the following year. Amang the evolutions wis the replacement o the early leaf spring axles bi independent front suspension an coil sprung back axle. The petrol ingine wis enlarged tae 2.2 L, wi a small pouer hike tae 91 PS (67 kW), while the 2.8 Turbo Diesel wis fittit wi an intercooler, resultin in a pouer increase tae 102 PS (75 kW). Still, the model wis considered too rustic, still no possessin rear doors in the lang wheel base model, an Daihatsu declined tae replace it, concentrating on smaller automobiles.

Italian Version[eedit | eedit soorce]

Called the Bertone Freeclimber wi mechanical components bi Daihatsu, a BMW 2443 cc turbodiesel or ane o twa petrol ingines (1991 cc. an 2693 cc), all sax cylinders, ad a Bertone designed body. The Freeclimber is a hie end off-roader produced, frae 1989 tae 1992.

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