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Daihatsu Materia

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Daihatsu Materia
Daihatsu Coo
Cried an awDaihatsu Coo (in Japan and Taiwan)
Bouk an chassis
Clessmini MPV
Body style5-door MPV
RelatitToyota bB
Scion xB
Daihatsu Sirion
Ingine1.3 L K3-VE I4
1.5 L 3SZ-VE I4
PredecessorDaihatsu YRV

The Daihatsu Materia is a mini MPV manufactured by the Japanese automaker Daihatsu.

First generation

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It is based on the platform o the seicont generation o the Daihatsu Sirion an is maistly identical tae the seicont generation or the Toyota bB.

This generation haes been discontinued. It came in 1.3L an 1.5L varieties wi a 4WD option that wis available on Japan an a Limited edition Daihatsu Materia Turbo version available anly in the South African mercat. Thare war manual an Auto gearbox options. (Currently in UK thay hae the 1.5L Version 16 November 2007) 0-60 mph times 10.8 seconds for manual, an 13.7 seconds for Auto (UK Versions)

Maximum speed on 106 mph an 102 mph for the automatic.[1]

In the tenth series o Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson jokingly compared the Materia tae the Ascari A10, saying "Sure the Daihatsu Materia is a good car... but on balance... I'd go for the big, yellow, shouty car instead."

This generation o the Materia is sauld in Japan as the Daihatsu Coo an the Subaru Dex an mainly as the Toyota bB.

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