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Daihatsu Naked

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The Daihatsu Naked wis a Kei caur made bi Daihatsu. Presented on the Tokyo Motor Show in 1999, it wis biggit atween 2000 an 2004. It wis available wi a 659cc petrol ingine an aither twa or fower wheel drive. The styling included features sic as ridges in the doors an exposed hinges an bolts, designed tae mak the caur appear rugged. The Naked wis an early example o styling features frae off-roaders bein uised on road caurs; this idea haes syne been uised on caurs sic as the Citroën C3 XTR an the Volkswagen CrossPolo. The interior styling haes similarities tae that o the oreeginal Fiat Panda, wi plastic mouldings that resemble the fabric on the Panda's dashboard.