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Daihatsu Esse

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The Daihatsu Esse is a Japanese kei caur launched in December 2005, that at launch wis the cheapest new caur in Japan. Its current price range is ¥682,500 - ¥1,123,500. It haes fower seats an a 658 cc (40 cubic inch) ingine.

Accordin tae Daihatsu, Esse means "Eco, Smart, Simple & Easy".

It is available as a 5-door hatchback in twa distinct styles - Esse or Esse Custom.

Esse is available as Eco, D, L, an X in FWD an 4WD.

Esse Custom wis addit in November 2006 an is available as Custom an Custom 4WD.

Its main rivals ar the Suzuki Alto, Subaru R1, Mitsubishi eK an Subaru Pleo.

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