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1992–1993 Daihatsu Feroza

The Daihatsu Rocky is a mini SUV that wis manufactured bi Japanese automaker Daihatsu between 1987 an 1998.

It is kent as the Daihatsu "Lovibond" Rocky in Japan, forby kent as the Daihatsu Sportrak in UK an the Daihatsu Feroza in ither parts o Europe an Australia. In New Zealand, whaur 2nt hand vehicles is aften importit frae Japan, the model can seen badged as aither a Rocky, Feroza or Feroza II.

To evit confuision, awners aften refer tae the models bi their factory model number F-300 or F-310. The F-310 variant, marketed as the MkII Sportrak or Feroza II featured a flared guards tae accommodate a wider track than the F-300.

Fit wi a Daihatsu 1600 cc DOHC or SOHC I4 DVVT (Daihatsu Variable Valve Timin engine, linkit via a manual gearbox, propshaft an differential tae the front wheels an rear axle tae provide aither fower wheel drive or twa wheel drive dependin on the driver requirement. 2WD, 4WD Low an 4WD High ar selected uising a selector neist tae the gear stick in the cabin.

The engine is generally kent tae hae performance difficulties attributed tae poor air induction whilk can be impruived bi the removal o the air filtration system fitted bi Daihatsu an the application o a mair free flowin air filter. Though this isna recommendit for offroad uisers due tae water ingress tae the throttle body, a snorkel is uisually fit through the near-side wing, rinnin up the passenger side front pillar.

The interior in some models includes a clock, inclinometer an voltmeter. Cabriolet models is available, whilk is kent tae leak aroond the seals leadin tae a fou saft-top renewal. The mair regular version is a haurd top, but the ruif section is remuivable frae the drivers headrest forwart an the hale ruif an rear windae frae the drivers headrest back.

This leaves a rollcage tae protect the rear passengers an a bar frae affside tae nearside juist abuin the drivers head. Aw in aw, the price is cheap compared tae ither convertibles or RWD/4WD caurs an SUVs on the road. Vehicle excise duty in the UK stauns at £98 for sax months, an the Sportrak is an Insurance Group 10. Ither caurs in this group include the Hyundai Coupe, whilk maks it a comparatively expensive caur tae insure in the UK.

General usage in urban areas will gie 20-23 MPG. The chassis rails is well kent tae trap rust an dryte as the drain holes become clogged, leavin the awner wi lairge holes in the chassis whilk will fail the MOT test. For this raison alane, numerous vehicles hae been consigned tae the scrapyard wi relatively guid condition engines, gearboxes an bodywork, makkin uised parts easy tae fin.