Sport utility vehicle

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Sport utility vehicle (SUV) is a category o motor vehicles that combine elements o road-goin passenger caurs wi featurs frae aff-road vehicles, such as raised ground clearance an fower-wheel drive.

Thare is nae commonly agreed definition o an SUV, an uisage varies atween kintras. Some definitions claim that an SUV must be biggit on a licht larrie chassis; housomeivver, broader definitions consider ony vehicle wi aff-road design featurs tae be an SUV. A crossover SUV is defined as an SUV biggit wi a unibody construction (as per passenger caurs), housomeivver in mony cases crossovers are simply referred tae as SUVs. In some kintras—such as the Unitit States—SUVs hae been classifee'd as "licht larries", resultin in mair lenient regulations compared tae passenger caurs.

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