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2014 Nissan Rogue, a example o crossover

A crossover SUV— cried crossover or CUV an aw— is a teep o sports utility vehicle (SUV) wi unibody construction.[1] Crossovers are aften based on a platform shared wi a passenger caur; as a result they teepically hae better interior comfort, a mair compliant ride, an superior fuel economy, but less aff-road capability than larrie-based SUVs.[2][3][4] Poor aff-road capability is compoondit bi mony crossovers bein sauld athoot aw-wheel drive, which challenges their definition as "sports utility vehicles".

Further, thare are various inconsistencies aboot whether vehicles are considered crossovers or SUVs; tharefore the term SUV is aften uised as a catch-aw for baith crossovers an compact SUVs.[5]

Forerunners o the crossover include the 1977 Matra Rancho an AMC Eagle introducit in 1979.[6]

In the Unitit States as o 2006, mair nor 50% o the oweraw SUV mercat wur crossover models. Crossovers hae become increasinly popular in Europe syne the early 2010s an aw.

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