D.C. United

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D.C. United
A shield with stylized black eagle facing right with three red stars and two red strips across its chest, and the words "D.C. UNITED" above.
FoonditJuin 15, 1994; 29 years ago (1994-06-15)
StadiumAudi Field
Washington, D.C.
AwnerD.C. United Holdings
LeagueMajor League Soccer
2023Eastern Conference: 12th
Overall: 23rd
Playoffs: Did not qualify
WabsteidClub wabsteid
Current saison

D.C. United is an American professional men's fitba club based in Washington, D.C. that competes in the Eastern Conference o Major League Soccer (MLS), the tap tier o American fitba. Domestically, the club haes wan fower MLS Cups (league championships), fower Supporters' Shields (league regular saison), three U.S. Open Cups (domestic cups), an sax Eastern Conference championships. In internaitional competitions, the club haes ane CONCACAF Champions Cup title and ane Copa Interamericana, the anely American team tae win the latter. In terms o trophies wan, it is the joint-maist successful overall club in American fitba (tied wi the New York Cosmos an LA Galaxy).

Foondit in 1995, the club wis an inaugural franchise in Major League Soccer, playin in MLS syne its first saison in 1996. The club played a majority o its matches at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium frae 1996 till 2017 afore movin tae the fitba-specific stadium, Audi Field, in 2018, whaur it haes played syne. D.C. United wis ane o the premier franchises in Major League Soccer, an in American fitba in the late 1990s, whaur it wan the bulk o its trophies. Players sic as Raúl Díaz Arce, Marco Etcheverry, Roy Lassiter, Jaime Moreno, Ben Olsen, an Eddie Pope, alang wi heid coach, Bruce Arena, helped the club win aucht o their 12 major titles frae 1996 through 2000. The club wad win an MLS Cup, a U.S. Open Cup, an twa Supporters' Shield titles unner Piotr Nowak an Tom Soehn in the mid-tae-late 2000s. In 2013, unner the management o Ben Olsen, the club wan the U.S. Open Cup, its maist recent major trophy.

Throuoot the 2010s, an intae the early 2020s, the club managed by Olsen, went throu mediocrity, wi anely ane major trophy, an several missed playoff appearances, includin twa last place finishes in the league. Durin this time, some heich-profile acquisitions joined United, includin Wayne Rooney, an several hamegrown players began makin impacts on the United squad includin Bill Hamid, Andy Najar, an Kevin Paredes. Efter a string o puir seasons, Olsen wis fired in 2020, efter a ten-year tenure as heid coach. Olsen wis replaced by Hernán Losada, wha managed the club till 2022, whan he wis replaced by former player Wayne Rooney.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

D.C. United's history haes been marked by phases o success an challenges, wi different managers an chynges in ownership shapin the club's journey in Major League Soccer.

Before the 1994 FIFA Warld Cup, the Unitit States Fitba Federation fulfill't its promise tae FIFA bi assistin in the foondation o a new professional league, that wad become Major League Soccer (MLS).[5] On the 15t o June, 1994, MLS selectit Washington, D.C. oot o twenty-twa applicants tae host ane o the league's first seiven franchises, wi three mair addit afore the league's launch.[6] The team's name wis chisen as a reflection o the names o European clubs, sic as Manchester United or Leeds United, as weel as bein the caipital o the Unitit States.[7][8]

The team's colours and original logo, alang wi thae o the ither ten original teams, wur announced in October 1995, durin a presentation in New York Ceety.[9] Black and white were announced as D.C. United's main colours, and reid was announced as the club's seicontar colour.

In 1996, D.C. United, wi Bruce Arena as their gaffer, quickly steyed a heidlin franchise in MLS. They liftit twa MLS Cup titles, a U.S. Open Cup, Supporters' Shield, CONCACAF Champions' Cup, and Copa Interamericana athin their initial twa seasons. The "magic triangle" o Jaime Moreno, Marco Etcheverry, and Raul Diaz Arce played a vital pairt. The club's debut gemme in 1996 wis the first-ever MLS gemme, despite thaim haufin a loss.

Efter fower consecutive MLS Cup appearances, the year 2000 brocht a dounturn fur D.C. United. Thay endit up 11th oot o 12 teams an missed the playoffs fur the first time. Thair performance in CONCACAF an the U.S. Open Cup also tholit.

Efter a period o decline, the hirin o manager Peter Nowak in 2004 marked a comeback tae success. The team clinched MLS Cup 2004 and became a dominatin force in MLS. Thay pairtook in internaitional contests an made notewirthy signins lik Freddy Adu. Tom Soehn took chairge as manager in 2007. The team wan the Supporters' Shield in back-tae-back seasons but couldnae clinch MLS Cup success. Nonetheless, thay secured the U.S. Open Cup in 2008. Efter a sma' nummer o years withoot playoffs, Soehn resigned in 2009.

Ben Olsen, a former player, took ower as manager in 2010. The club faced a challenging stert in 2010 but showed promise wi young talents like Bill Hamid and Andy Najar. Olsen's time in chairge includit playoff appearances and the conquest o the U.S. Open Cup in 2013.

In 2021, Hernán Losada wis appointit as manager, introducin an attackin style. Despite juist missin oot on the playoffs, Losada wis gane in 2022 due tae disagreemens an disappointin results.[10] Wayne Rooney took ower as manager but cuidnae guide the team tae the playoffs in 2023.[11][12][13]

Stadium[eedit | eedit soorce]

RFK Stadium (1996–2017)[eedit | eedit soorce]

RFK Stadium was the first home to D.C. United

Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium (RFK) wis hame tae D.C. United, fae the club's first season in 1996, till the end o the 2017 season. The D.C. United Trainin Complex is set north o the stadium, an is whaur the Reserve Division team plays.[14]

RFK wis biggit in 1961 as a stadium yaised for baith baseball an American fitba. Afore 1996, it occasiounally hostit fitba matches, includin the 1980 Soccer Bowl, the 1993 Supercoppa Italiana, an five matches durin the 1994 FIFA Warld Cup. When the Washington Nationals baseball team shar'd the field fae 2005 tae 2007, thare war critics aboot the playin surface an the field's dimensions.[15]

Audi Field (2018–present)[eedit | eedit soorce]

D.C. United moved to Audi Field in 2018

Audi Field is a soccer-specific stadium at Buzzard Point in Soothwast, Washington, D.C., an haes a capacity o 20,000. It hostit its first gemme again Vancouver Whitecaps FC on July 14, 2018.[16] The stadium's namin rights are awned by Audi, wha signed a 12-year contract in Februar 2017. It wis designed by Populous an Marshall Moya Design.[17][18]

Plans for a new stadium gaed back tae July 2006, whan D.C. United proponed biggin a new stadium alang the Anacostia River near Anacostia Park, but fechts wi the ceety govrenment forced the team tae thole ither steids.[19][20]

The tentative deal for the stadium wis announced on July 25, 2013,[21] which wad see a 20,000–25,000-seat stadium biggit on the steid, costin $300 million. It wis signed intae law on December 30, 2014.[22] Groundbreaking began on February 27, 2017,[23] Groundbreakin began on February 27, 2017, an the ribbon cuttin wis on July 9, 2018.[24]

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