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Major League Soccer
MLS crest logo RGB gradient.svg
Kintra Unitit States
Ither club(s) frae Canadae
Confederation CONCACAF
Foondit 17 Dizember 1993[1]
Conferences Eastern Conference
Western Conference
Nummer o teams 20
Levels on pyramid 1 (US), 1 (CAN)
Relegation tae Nane
Domestic cup(s) U.S. Open Cup
Canadian Championship
Internaitional cup(s) CONCACAF Champions League
Current MLS Cup Portland Timbers (1st title)
Current Supporters' Shield New York Red Bulls (2nd shield)
Maist MLS Cups LA Galaxy (5 titles)
Maist Supporters' Shields D.C. United &
LA Galaxy (4 shields)
TV partners
2016 MLS season

Major League Soccer (MLS) is a men's profeesional soccer league, sanctioned bi U.S. Soccer, that represents the sport's heichest level in baith the Unitit States an Canadae.[2][3] MLS constitutes ane o the major profeesional sports leagues o the Unitit States an Canadae.[4][5]

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