Colombie naitional fitbaw team

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Nickname(s)[Los Cafeteros] error: {{lang}}: text haes italic markup (help) (The Coffeers)
Association[Federación Colombiana de Fútbol] error: {{lang}}: text haes italic markup (help) (FCF)
ConfederationCONMEBOL (South America)
Heid coachCarlos Queiroz
CaiptainRadamel Falcao
Maist kaipsCarlos Valderrama (111)
Tap scorerRadamel Falcao (34)
Hame stadiumEstadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez[1]
First colours
Second colours
FIFA rankin
Current 10 Steady (19 December 2019)[2]
Heichest3 (July 2013, August 2013)
Lawest54 (June 2011)
Elo rankin
Current 7 Decrease 1 (25 November 2019)[3]
Heichest3 (Juin 2016)
Lawest93 (August 1965)
First international
 Mexico 3–1 Colombie Colombie
(Panama Ceety, Panama; 10 February 1938)
Biggest win
 Argentinae 0–5 Colombie Colombie
(Buenos Aires, Argentina; 5 September 1993)
Colombie Colombia 5–0 Uruguay 
(Barranquilla, Colombie; 6 Juin 2004)[4]
Colombie Colombie 5–0 Peru 
(Barranquilla, Colombie; 4 Juin 2005)[5]
Colombie Colombie 5–0 Bolivie 
(Barranquilla, Colombie; 22 Mairch 2013)
Biggest defeat
 Brazil 9–0[6] Colombie Colombie
(Lima, Peru; 24 Mairch 1957)
Warld Cup
Appearances5 (first in 1962)
Best resultQuarter-finals, 2014
Copa América
Appearances18 (first in 1945)
Best resultWinners:Gold medal icon.svg 2001
Appearances3 (first in 2000)
Best resultRunners-up, 2000
Confederations Cup
Appearances1 (first in 2003)
Best result4t, 2003

The Colombie naitional fitbaa team represents Colombie in internaitional fitbaa competeetions an is owerseen bi the Colombie Fitbaa Federation. It is a member o the CONMEBOL an is currently rankit 8t in the FIFA Warld Rankings,[7] an 5t in Elo World Rankings.

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