Mexico naitional fitbaw team

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Nickname(s)El Tricolor
El Tri
La Verde
AssociationMexican Fitbaa Federation (FMF)
Sub-confederationNAFU (North Americae)
Heid coachGerardo Martino
CaiptainAndrés Guardado
Maist kaipsClaudio Suárez (177)
Tap scorerJavier Hernández (52)
Hame stadiumEstadio Azteca
First colours
Second colours
FIFA rankin
Current 14 Decrease 5 (19 November 2021)[1]
Heichest4 (February–June 1998, May–June 2006)
Lawest33 (July 2009)
Elo rankin
Current 19 Decrease 7 (15 December 2021)[2]
Heichest1 (July 2011)
Lawest47 (February 1979)
First international
 Guatemala 2–3 Mexico Mexico
(Guatemala Ceety, Guatemala; 1 Januar 1923)
Biggest win
Mexico Mexico 13–0 Bahamas 
(Toluca, Mexico; 28 April 1987)
Biggest defeat
 Ingland 8–0 Mexico Mexico
(Lunnon, Ingland; 10 Mey 1961)
Warld Cup
Appearances15 (first in 1930)
Best resultQuairter-feenals, 1970 an 1986
CONCACAF Championship
& Gold Cup
Appearances20 (first in 1963)
Best resultWinners Gold medal icon.svg : 1965, 1971, 1977, 1993, 1996, 1998, 2003, 2009, 2011
Copa América
Appearances8 (first in 1993)
Best resultRunners-up Silver medal icon.svg : 1993 an 2001
Confederations Cup
Appearances6 (first in 1995)
Best resultWinners Gold medal icon.svg : 1999

The Mexico naitional fitbaa team (Spaingie: Selección de fútbol de México) represents Mexico in association fitbaa an is govrened bi the Mexican Fitbaa Federation (FMF), the govrenin bouk for fitbaa in Mexico. Mexico's hame stadium is the Estadio Azteca an their heid coach is Miguel Herrera. The team is currently rankit 20t in the FIFA Warld Rankins[4] and 16th in the World Football Elo Ratings.[5]

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