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Chin State

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Chin State

Myanma transcription(s)
 • Burmesekyang: pranynai
Banner o Chin State
Location o Chin State in Burma
Location o Chin State in Burma
Coordinates: 22°0′N 93°30′E / 22.000°N 93.500°E / 22.000; 93.500
Kintra Burma
RegionWastren Burma
 • Chief MeenisterHong Ngai[1] (USDP)
 • Total36019 km2 (13,907 sq mi)
 • Total480,000
 • Density13/km2 (35/sq mi)
 • EthnicitiesChin
 • ReleegionsChristianity, Buddhism, Animism
Time zoneUTC+06:30 (MST)

Template:Burmese characters Chin State (Burmese: ချင်းပြည်နယ်, pronounced: [tɕʰɪ́ɴ pjìnɛ̀]) is a state locatit in wastren Burma (Myanmar). The Chin ethnic group mak up the majority o the state's 500,000 fowk. The caipital o the state is Hakha. The state is a muntainous region wi few transportation links. Chin is sparsely populatit an remains ane o the least developit auries o the kintra.

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