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Official seal of Calatagan
Map o Batangas showin the location o Calatagan
Map o Batangas showin the location o Calatagan
Calatagan is located in Philippines
Location athin the Philippines
Coordinates: 13°50′N 120°38′E / 13.833°N 120.633°E / 13.833; 120.633
RegionCALABARZON (Region IV-A)
Destrict1st Destrict
 • MayorSophia Grandeza Palacio
 • Total112.00 km2 (43.24 sq mi)
 • Total51,997
 • Density460/km2 (1,200/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (PST)
ZIP code
Dialin code43
Income cless2nt Cless

Calatagan is a municipality in the Province o Batangas, Philippines. Accordin tae the 2010 census, it haes a population o 51,997 fowk.[3]

The toun comprises the Calatagan Peninsula atween the Wast Philippine Sea an Balayan Bay. The peninsula's near white saund beaches are popular vacation an leisur steids for Manila's rich an famous. Thare are several beach resorts includin the airt-filled guesthoose cried Banak House Calatagan, ithers lik the Ronco Beach Resort in Brgy. Bagong Silang, Playa Calatagan in Brgy. Sta. Ana, the Golden Sunset Resort in Brgy Uno, an Lago de Oro Resort whaur ane can go wakebuirdin, Villa Agustina, Nacua. Thir are well-kent local places for relaxation an respite frae aw the week's wirk. Calatagan wis formerly titled as the Forbes Pairk of the South, acause o the rich faimilies who awns thair estates here no mindin the bad road condeetion afore, onywey thay hae thair helipads for thair helicopters tae laund on.

A extremely rare ensaumple o pre-Spainyie Philippine script wis foond in Calatagan. The script is cried Baybayin in Tagalog, an wis derived frae Javanese writingwhich in turn is derived frae Brahmi. This writing survives on an earthenware burial jar dated 13t century or 14t century.

Barangays[eedit | eedit soorce]

Beach in Calatagan

Calatagan is poleetically subdividit intae 25 barangays.[2]

  • Barangay 1 (Pob.)
  • Barangay 2 (Pob.)
  • Barangay 3 (Pob.)
  • Barangay 4 (Pob.)
  • Bagong Silang
  • Baha
  • Balibago
  • Balitoc
  • Biga
  • Bucal
  • Carlosa
  • Carretunan
  • Encarnacion
  • Gulod
  • Hukay
  • Lucsuhin
  • Luya
  • Paraiso
  • Quilitisan
  • Real
  • Sambungan
  • Santa Ana
  • Talibayog
  • Talisay
  • Tanagan

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Population census of Calatagan
YearPop.±% p.a.
1990 35,543—    
1995 40,707+2.75%
2000 45,068+2.06%
2007 51,544+1.94%
2010 51,997+0.29%
Source: National Statistics Office[3]

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