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Batangas Ceety

Lungsod ng Batangas
View o Poblacion, Batangas City
View o Poblacion, Batangas City
"Industrial Port of Calabarzon", Eco Tourist City of the Past, Present and Future
"Eto Batangueño Disiplinado"
Map o Batangas showin the location o Batangas Ceety
Map o Batangas showin the location o Batangas Ceety
Batangas Ceety is located in Philippines
Batangas Ceety
Batangas Ceety
Location athin the Philippines
Coordinates: 13°45′N 121°03′E / 13.750°N 121.050°E / 13.750; 121.050
Kintra Philippines
RegionCALABARZON (Region IV-A)
Congressional Destrict2nt
Ceetyheid23 Julie 1969
 • MayorEduardo B. Dimacuha
 • Vice MayorEmilio Francisco A. Berberabe, Jr. (UNA)
 • Cooncilors
 • ABC PresesPrudencio A. Cepillo
 • SK Federation PresesRichard I. Cabatay
 • Total282.96 km2 (109.25 sq mi)
10 m (30 ft)
 • Total305,607
 • Density1,100/km2 (2,800/sq mi)
Demonym(s)Batangueño (male)
Batangueña (female)
Time zoneUTC+8 (PST)
ZIP code
Dialin code(+63) 43
Income ClessFirst
FeastJanuar 16

Batangas Ceety (Filipino: Lungsod ng Batangas, Inglis: Batangas City) is the lairgest an caipital ceety o the Province o Batangas, Philippines. Kent as the "Industrial Port City of Calabarzon", Batangas Ceety is currently classifee'd as ane o the fastest urbanizin ceeties o the Philippines. Accordin tae the 2010 census, the ceety haes a population o 305,607 fowk.[2]

Barangays[eedit | eedit soorce]

Batangas Ceety is poleetically subdividit intae 105 barangays.[3] Pagkilatan wis umwhile a sitio o Matoco.[4] Malalim wis umwhile the "soothren portion o the barrio o Sirang Lupa, the northren portion o the barrio Mahabang Dahilig, an the eastren portion o San Isidro" "thegither wi the sitio o Malalim"; this territory became a barrio (barangay) in 1954.[5] In the same year, sitio Malitam, umwhile pairt o barrio Libjo, wis elevatit as a barrio.[6] San Antonio wis constitutit frae the sitios o Ilaya, Labac, Matalisay, Pajo an Cacawan, frae the barrio o San Agapito.[7] In 1957, the barrio o Talumpok wis dividit intae twa. Sitios Romano, Poyesan, Bondeo an Latag wur constitutit intae Talumpok Silangan, while sitios Ginto, Duhatan, Kulingkang, Piit an Cuaba wur constitutit intae Talumpok Kanluran.[8]

Balagtas wis umwhile kent as Patay, Kumintang Ilaya as Sambat Ilaya, an Kuming Ibaba as Sambat Ibaba.[9]

  • Barangay 1
  • Barangay 2
  • Barangay 3
  • Barangay 4
  • Barangay 5
  • Barangay 6
  • Barangay 7
  • Barangay 8
  • Barangay 9
  • Barangay 10
  • Barangay 11
  • Barangay 12
  • Barangay 13
  • Barangay 14
  • Barangay 15
  • Barangay 16
  • Barangay 17
  • Barangay 18
  • Barangay 19
  • Barangay 20
  • Barangay 21
  • Barangay 22
  • Barangay 23
  • Barangay 24
  • Alangilan
  • Balagtas
  • Balete
  • Banaba Center
  • Banaba West
  • Banaba East
  • Banaba South
  • Bilogo
  • Bolbok
  • Bucal
  • Calicanto
  • Catandala
  • Concepcion
  • Conde Itaas
  • Conde Labac
  • Cumba
  • Cuta
  • Dalig
  • Dela Paz West
  • Dela Paz Pulot Aplaya
  • Dela Paz Pulot Itaas
  • Dumuclay
  • Dumantay
  • Gulod Itaas
  • Gulod Labac
  • Haligue West
  • Haligue East
  • Ilijan
  • Kumintang Ibaba
  • Kumintang Ilaya
  • Libjo
  • Liponpon, Verde Island
  • Maapaz
  • Mahabang Dahilig
  • Mahabang Parang
  • Mahacot East
  • Mahacot West
  • Malalim
  • Malibayo
  • Malitam
  • Maruclap
  • Mabacong
  • Pagkilatan
  • Paharang West
  • Paharang East
  • Pallocan West
  • Pallocan East
  • Pinamucan Ibaba
  • Pinamucan West
  • Pinamucan East
  • Sampaga
  • San Agapito, Verde Island
  • San Agustin West, Verde Island
  • San Agustin East, Verde Island
  • San Andres, Verde Island
  • San Antonio, Verde Island
  • San Isidro
  • San Jose Sico
  • San Miguel
  • San Pascual
  • San Pedro
  • Santa Clara
  • Santa Rita Aplaya
  • Santa Rita Karsada
  • Santo Domingo
  • Santo Niño
  • Simlong
  • Sirang Lupa
  • Sorosoro Ibaba
  • Sorosoro Ilaya
  • Sorosoro Karsada
  • Tabangao Aplaya
  • Tabangao Ambulong
  • Tabangao Dao
  • Talahib Pandayan
  • Talahib Payapa
  • Talumpok Kanluran
  • Talumpok Silangan
  • Tingga Itaas
  • Tingga Labac
  • Tulo
  • Wawa

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Foreign Rule[eedit | eedit soorce]

The first Spainyie missionars arrivit in Batangas Ceety syne 1572 due tae group migration. Feenally, in 1581, Spainyie authorities govrening the Philippines creatit a pueblo in the aurie which includit the hill (nou Hilltop) whaur the present Provincial Capitol o Batangas staunds efter the formal end o the Coumintang Kinrick. The toun wis namit "Batangan" acause huge logs, locally cried "batang", aboondit in the place. The Spainyie govrenment appointit Don Agustin Casilao as Batangan's first gobernadorcillo. Said title o "little govrenor" as heid o the pueblo or municipio wis replacit in 1894 bi "capital municipal." It is nae clear who succeedit Casilao nor is it kent whether thare wur subsequent appointments o caipital municipal. Don Agustin Casilao is whiles referred tae as Agustino or Augustino in some soorces. Bi 1870, its barangays wur Balagtas, Bilogo, Bolbok, Bukal, Catandala, Konde, De La Paz, Kumintang Ibaba, Matuko, Mapagong, Paharang Kanluran, Pairang, Pinamucan, Patulo, Sampaga, San Agapito, San Isidro ang Talahib.[10][11]

At the comin o the Americans in early 1900s, local ceevil govrenment o Batangas wis set up. It teuk effect on 4 Julie 1901 wi Jose Villanueva electit as "Municipal Preses." His term expired in 1903.[10]

Subsequent elections instawed the follaein as municipal preses: Juan Palacios, 1904–1905; Jose Arguelles, 1906; Marcelo Llana, 1907; Sisenando Ferriols, 1908–1909; Ventura Tolentino, 1910–1914; Julian Rosales, 1915; Juan Gutierrez, 1916–1919; Julian Rosales, 1920–1922; Juan Buenafe, 1923–1930; Perfecto Condez, 1931–1937; Juan Buenafe, 1938-1940. In 1941 the title "Municipal Preses" wis chyngit tae "Municipal Mayor." Pedro Berberabe wis electit first municipal mayor.[10]

Batangas Ceety wis severely damagit due tae the Japanese A6M Zero bombardment an on 12 Dizember 1941, the Batangas Airport which is locatit in Brgy. Alangilan is totally destroyed. On 14 October 1943, municipal cooncilor Roman L. Perez wis appointit Mayor bi the Japanese efter the inauguration o the Seicont Republic o the Philippines. Leeberation begun when 158t Regimental Combat Team (or 158t RCT) unner the command o the US 6t Airmy reached Poblacion, Batangas Ceety bi 11 Mairch durin the Philippines Leeberation Campaign o 1944–45. Bi the end o Apryle the same that year, some elements o the 188t Glider Infantry Regiment o the 11t Airborne Diveesion wis left tae clear the barangays east an muntains sooth o the ceety as the main Allied Force continued thair drive towards the Quezon Province. Some o hunders thoosans local Filipino sodgers an officers o the 4t an 42nt Infantry Diveesion o the Philippine Commonwealth Airmy an 4t Infantry Regiment o the Philippine Constabulary wis enterin an re-invadit in Batangas Ceety. Throuoot the battle, recognisit Filipino Guerrilla fechters played a important key role in the advancement o the combined American an Philippine Commonwealth troops, providin key roads an information for the Japanese location o defences an muivements. Hostilities endit as the war came closer tae the end.[12][12]

Unthirldom an onwairds[eedit | eedit soorce]

Efter the Leeberation, Pres. Manuel Roxas issued his reappointment. Mayor Perez ran an wan in 1944, the first post-War elections in the kintra. In November 1949 he wis killed bi a unkent assassin. Vice Mayor Atilano Magadia succeedit the late Mayor Perez. He servit till 1951. Mayor Macario Chavez wis electit in 1951. His fower-year term endit in 1955.[10]

Fowk votit Pedro S. Tolentino owerwhelminly as mayor in 1956. He wis reelectit three times. It wis durin his fowert term (mid 1969) that Congress appruivit the Chairter, a milestane event which made him the first ceety mayor o Batangas.[10]

Ither succeedin mayors follaeed are Mayor Macario M. Mendoza, 1974–1979; Alfredo M. Borbon, 1979–1980, Conrado C. Berberabe, 1980–1986; Jose M. Atienza, 1986–1987; Mario M. Perez, 1987, Eduardo B. Dimacuha, 1988–1998, Angelito D. Dimacuha, 1998–2001 an again Eduardo B. Dimacuha, 2001–2010, Vilma A. Dimacuha, 2010-2013 an again Eduardo B. Dimacuha, 2013–present .[13]

Govrenment Offices[eedit | eedit soorce]

Batangas Provincial Capitol.
  • Bureau of Customs - Port o Batangas
  • Bureau of Immigration - Batangas Ceety
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) - Batangas Ceety, Batangas
  • Commission on Elections (COMELEC) - Provincial Office (Batangas)
  • Department of Eddication - Divisional Offices (Batangas Ceety)
  • Department of Eddication - Divisional Offices (Batangas Province)
  • Department of Environment an Natural Resoorces (DENR) - CENRO (Batangas)
  • Department of Environment an Natural Resoorces (DENR) - PENRO (Batangas)
  • Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) - Region IV
  • Govrenment Service Insurance seestem (GSIS) - Batangas
  • Land Transportation Office (LTO) - Batangas Destrict Office
  • Land Transportation Office (LTO) - Batangas Licensing Center
  • Naitional Bureau of Investigation (NBI) - Calabarzon Regional Office
  • Naitional Statistics Office - Batangas
  • Naitional Telecommunications Commission (NTC) - Region IV
  • Pag-Ibig Fund - Batangas Branch
  • Philhealth - Regional Office IV-B(MIMAROPA)
  • Philhealth - Batangas Branch
  • Philippine Social Security seestem (SSS) - Batangas Ceety, Batangas
  • Philippine Veterans Affairs Office - Batangas
  • Public Employment Service Office (PESO)
  • Public Employment Service Office (PESO) - Batangas
  • Technical Eddication an Skills Development Authority (TESDA) - Batangas Provincial Office

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

The City of Batangas gears up activities on tred, finance, eddication an medical services for maist pairt o the province. As a centre for tred an commerce, it hosts ane o the lairgest ile refineries in the kintra, Pilipinas Shell, an three naitural gas pouer plants, namely, Keilco, First Gas an Malampaya On-Shore Gas Plant. Ither major industries include: San Miguel Food Corporation, JG Summit Petrochemical Corp., Universal Robina Corp., Himmel Industries Inc., Chemphil Bulk Terminal, San Lorenzo Power Plant an First Philippine Industrial Corp. It is the centre for eddication, wi three o the lairgest varsities in the province an recently, mair Internaitional Schuils hae chosen the Ceety as thair campus steids.

The Ceety draws thoosans o transient an migratory wirkers, wi 46 bankin an ither financial institutions, 4 major hospitals an 3 major hotels an various govrenment agencies.

Media[eedit | eedit soorce]

Televeesion[eedit | eedit soorce]

FM Radio stations[eedit | eedit soorce]

Based in Batangas Ceety

Based in Metro Manila

AM Radio stations[eedit | eedit soorce]

Major AM radio stations are based in Metro Manila.

Batangas News Programs[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

The follaein are Batangas Ceety's sister ceeties:

Footnotes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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