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The Boeing Company
Treddit as NYSEBA
Dow Jones Industrial
Average Component

S&P 500 Component
Industrie Aerospace, Defense
Foondit Seattle, Washington, U.S. (1916)
Foonder William Boeing
Heidquarters Boeing Internaitional Heidquarters
Chicago, Illinois
, Unitit States
Aurie served
Key fowk
James McNerney
(Chairman & CEO)
Products Commercial airliners
Militar aircraft
Space seestems
Computer services
Revenue Decrease US$94.571 billion (2016)[1]
Decrease US$5.834 billion (2016)[1]
Profit Decrease US$4.895 billion (2016)[1]
Tot assets Decrease US$89.997 billion (2016)[1]
Tot equity Decrease US$877 million (2016)[1]
Nummer o employees
147,683 (Feb 23, 2017)[2]
Diveesions Boeing Commercial Airplanes,
Boeing Defense, Space & Security
Subsidiaries Aviall, Inc.
Boeing Aircraft Hauldin Company
Boeing Australie
Boeing Canadae
Boeing Defence UK
Boeing Store

The Boeing Company (/ˈb.ɪŋ/ BOH-ing) (NYSEBA) is an American multinaitional aerospace an defense corporation. Foondit in 1916 bi William E. Boeing in Seattle, Washington, the company haes expandit ower the years, an merged wi McDonnell Douglas in 1997. Boein moved its corporate heidquarters frae Seattle tae Chicago, Illinois, in 2001.[3] Boeing is made up o multiple business units, which are Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA); Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS); Engineerin, Operations & Technology; Boeing Caipital; an Boeing Shared Services Group.

boeing are an compaine that make big metal birds, that fly!!!!!

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