Dow Jones Industrial Average

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Dow Jones Industrial Average
Historical logarithmic graph o the DJIA frae 1896 tae 2010.
FoondationFebruar 16, 1885; 139 years ago (1885-02-16) (as DJA)[1]
26 Mey 1896 (1896-05-26) (as DJIA)[2]
OperatorS&P Dow Jones Indices
TeepLairge cap
Mercat caip$8.33 trillion (Dec. 2019)[3]
Wechtin methodPrice-wechtit index

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), Dow Jones, or semply the Dow (/ˈd/), is a stock mercat index that meisurs the stock performance o 30 muckle companies leetit on stock exchynges in the Unitit States.

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