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Scientific classification edit
Kinrick: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Cless: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Faimily: Felidae
Genus: Lynx
Species: L. rufus
Binomial name
Lynx rufus
(Schreber, 1777)
Distribution o Bobcat, 2016[1]
  • Felis rufus Schreber

The bobcat (Lynx rufus) is a North American cat that appeared durin the Irvingtonian stage o aroond 1.8 million years ago (AEO).[2] Containing 12 recognisit subspecies, it ranges frae soothren Canadae tae central Mexico, includin maist o the contiguous Unitit States. The bobcat is a adaptable predator that inhabits firthit auries, as well as semidesert, urban edge, forest edge, an swampland environs. It remains in some o its oreeginal range, but populations are vulnerable tae local extinction ("extirpation") bi coyotes an domestic ainimals. Wi a grey tae broun coat, whiskered face, an black-tuftit lugs, the bobcat resembles the ither species o the midsized Lynx genus. It is smawer on average than the Canadae lynx, wi which it shares pairts o its range, but is aboot twice as lairge as the domestic cat. It haes distinctive black bars on its forelegs an a black-tippit, stubby tail, frae which it derives its name.

The maist feck o the bobcat's diet is kinnens an maukins, but it hunts insects, chickens, geese an ither birds, smaw rodents, an deer as weel. Prey selection depends on location an habitat, saison, an abundance. Lik maist cats, the bobcat is territorial an maistly solitar, awtho wi some owerlap in hame ranges. It uises several methods tae merk its territorial boondars, includin claw marks an deposits o urine or feces. The bobcat breeds frae winter intae ware an haes a gestation period o aboot twa month.

Awtho bobcats hae been huntit extensively bi humans, baith for sport an fur, thair population haes pruiven resilient tho declinin in some auries. The elusive predator featurs in Native American meethologie an the fowklear o European settlers.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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