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Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx)
Scientific classification e
Kinrick: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Cless: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Faimily: Felidae
Subfaimily: Felinae
Genus: Lynx
Kerr, 1792
Teep species
Lynx lynx
Linnaeus, 1758

Lynx lynx
Lynx canadensis
Lynx pardinus
Lynx rufus

Lynx ranges

A lynx (/ˈlɪŋks/;[2] plural lynx or lynxes[3]) is ony o the fower species within the Lynx genus o medium-sized wildcats. The name "lynx" originatit in Middle Inglis via Latin frae the Greek wird "λύγξ",[2] derived frae the Indo-European ruit "*leuk-", meanin "licht, brichtness",[4] in reference tae the luminescence o its reflective eyes.[4] Thare is considerable confusion aboot the baist way tae classify felids at present, an some authorities classify them as pairt o the genus Felis.

Neither the caracal, sometimes cried the Persie lynx or African lynx, nor the jungle cat, cried the swamp lynx, is a member o the Lynx genus.

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