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Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra

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Hajibeyov Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra
Performin at the Mugham Festival, 2009

The Hajibeyov Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra (Azerbaijani: Hacıbəyov adına Azərbaycan Dövlət Simfonik Orkestri) wis formed in 1920, at the request o componer Uzeyir Hajibeyov efter whom it wis later named. It wis ane o the first orchestras in the Soviet Union. It is pairt o the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society.[1]

Componers such as Rhené-Baton an Otto Klemperer were invitit frae abroad tae help in establishin an trainin the orchestra. Frae 1938 tae 1984, Hajibeyov's nephew Niyazi Hajibeyov wis conductin the orchestra. Efter his daith, the conductin haes been performit bi "Fowk Artist" o Azerbaijan, Professor Rauf Abdullayev.[2] The orchestra haes toured a nummer o kintras includin the Unitit States, the Unitit Kinrick, Fraunce, Germany, Swisserland, Italy, Turkey, an Egyp.[3]

Preencipal conductors

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