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Arantxa Sánchez Vicario

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Arantxa Sánchez Vicario
Kintra Spain
ResidenceBarcelona, Spain
Born (1971-12-18) 18 December 1971 (age 52)
Barcelona, Spain
Hicht1.69 m (5 ft 6 12 in)
Turned pro1985
PlaysRicht-haundit (twa-haundit backhaund)
Prize moneyUS$16,942,640
Int. Tennis HOF2007 (member page)
Career record759–295
Career titles29
Heichest rankinNo. 1 (6 Februar 1995)
Grand Slam Singles results
Australian OpenF (1994, 1995)
French OpenW (1989, 1994, 1998)
WimbledonF (1995, 1996)
US OpenW (1994)
Career record676–224
Career titles69
Heichest rankinNo. 1 (19 October 1992)
Grand Slam Doubles results
Australian OpenW (1992, 1995, 1996)
French OpenF (1992, 1995)
WimbledonW (1995)
US OpenW (1993, 1994)
Mixed Doubles
Career record4–4
Career titles4
Grand Slam Mixed Doubles results
Australian OpenW (1993)
French OpenW (1990, 1992)
US OpenW (2000)
Last updatit on: 18 September 2009.
Olympic medal record
Weemen's Tennis
Siller medal – seicont place 1992 Barcelona Doubles
Siller medal – seicont place 1996 Atlanta Singles
Bronze medal – third place 1992 Barcelona Singles
Bronze medal – third place 1996 Atlanta Doubles

Aránzazu "Arantxa" Isabel María Sánchez Vicario[1] (Spaingie pronunciation: [aˈɾantʃa ˈsantʃeθ βiˈkaɾjo]; born 18 December 1971 in Barcelona, Spain) is a Spaingie umwhile Warld No. 1 professional tennis player. She wan fower Grand Slam singles teetles, sax Grand Slam weemen's doubles titles, an fower Grand Slam mixed doubles teetles.


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  1. Vicario is nae her mairied name. It is her mither's maiden name. In the Spaingie namin seestem, ivery person haes twa surnames: the first ane comes frae the faither, the seicont frae the mither. A wumman niver chynges surnames, regairdless o whither she mairies or divorces.