Anastasia Myskina

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Anastasiya Myskina
Анастасия Мыскина
Kintra Roushie
ResidenceMoscow, Roushie
Born (1981-07-08) 8 Julie 1981 (age 42)
Moscow, Soviet Union
Hicht1.74 m (5 ft 9 in)
Turned pro1998
PlaysRicht-handit (twa-handit backhand)
Prize moneyUS$ 5,606,725
Career record355–191
Career titles10
Heichest rankinNo. 2 (September 13, 2004)
Grand Slam Singles results
Australian OpenQF (2003, 2004)
French OpenW (2004)
WimbledonQF (2005, 2006)
US OpenQF (2003)
Ither toornaments
Career record100–92
Career titles5
Heichest rankinNo. 15 (21 Februar 2005)
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Anastasiya Andreyevna Myskina (Анастасия Мыскина [ɐnəstɐˈsʲijə ˈmɨskʲɪnə]; born 8 Julie 1981, Moscow, Roushie) is a profeesional tennis player frae Roushie. She wan the 2004 French Open singles title, becomin the first Roushie female tennis player tae win a Grand Slam main draw singles title.

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Myskina datit HC Dynamo Moscow hockey player Aleksandr Stepanov.[1]

In October 2002, Myskina haed a series o photos taen for GQ magazine bi the photographer Mark Seliger for a spread in the October 2002 edition o GQ, in which ane appruivit photo o her fully clothed wis published. Efter she wan the French Open in 2004, some photographs frae the shuit, in which she appeared topless, wur published in the Julie/August 2004 issue o the Roushie magazine Medved (Bear). In August 2004, she filed an $8 million USD lawsuit against the men's magazine GQ for allouin her topless photographs tae appear in a Roushie magazine Medved athoot her consent.[2] On 19 Juin 2005, U.S. Destrict Judge Michael Mukasey, later Unitit States Attorney General, ruled that Anastasia Myskina coud no stop the distribution o the topless photos, acause she haed signed a release. Myskina haed claimit that she did no unnerstaund the photo release form an that she wis no fluent in Inglis at the time.[3]

Myskina annooncit that she wis pregnant wi her first bairn, due in May 2008. She haes previously datit Roushie hockey player Konstantin Korneyev, but refuses tae state the name o the faither.[4] On April 28, 2008 Myskina gave birth tae her first bairn, a boy namit Zhenya (Yevgenyi). In August 2010 she gave birth tae a seicont son[5] namit Georgiy. On 3 November 2011 it wis reportit that she is pregnant wi a third bairn, that juist like the first 2, will be a son.[6] On 1 Mairch 2012 she gave birth tae a third bairn, namit Pavel.[7]

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