Andrei Chikatilo

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Andrei Chikatilo
BornAndrei Romanovich Chikatilo
16 October 1936(1936-10-16)
Yablochnoye, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
Dee'd14 Februar 1994(1994-02-14) (aged 57)
Novocherkassk, Roushie
Cause o daith
Executit bi gunshot ahint richt ear
Ither namesThe Butcher o Rostov
The Red Ripper
The Forest Strip Killer
The Rostov Ripper[1][2]
Criminal penalty
Sexual assault
Victims53 confirmit, 56+ claimit
Span o killins
22 December 1978–6 November 1990
KintraSoviet Union
Date apprehendit
20 November 1990

Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo (Ukrainian: Андрі́й Рома́нович Чикати́ло; 16 October 1936 – 14 Februar 1994) wis a Soviet serial killer, elk-namit The Butcher o Rostov, The Reid Ripper an The Rostov Ripper who committit the murther o a minimum o 52 weemen an childer atween 1978 an 1990 in the Roushie SFSR. Chikatilo confessed tae a tot o 56 murthers an wis treed for 53 o thir killins in Aprile, 1992. He wis convictit an sentencit tae daith for 52 o thir murthers in October 1992 an subsequently executit in Februar 1994.

Chikatilo wis kent bi sic titles as The Rostov Ripper an The Butcher o Rostov acause the majority o his murthers wur committit in the Rostov Oblast o the Roushie SFSR.

Leet o victims[eedit | eedit soorce]

Number[3] Name[4] Sex Age Date o Murther Notes
1 Yelena Zakotnova F 9 22 December 1978 Chikatilo's first victim. Accostit bi Chikatilo while walkin hame frae an ice-skeitchin rink.
2 Larisa Tkachenko F 17 3 September 1981 Approached bi Chikatilo while waitin for a bus back tae her buirding schuil.[5]
3 Lyubov Biryuk F 13 12 Juin 1982 Biryuk wis abductit while returnin frae a shoppin trip in the veelage o Donskoi.[6]
4 Lyubov Volobuyeva F 14 25 Julie 1982 Killed in an orchard near Krasnodar Airport.[7] Her body wis foond August 7.
5 Oleg Pozhidayev M 9 13 August 1982 Chikatilo's first male victim. Pozhidayev wis killed in Adygea. His body wis niver foond.[8]
6 Olga Kuprina F 16 16 August 1982 Killed in Kazachi Lagerya. Her body wis foond 27 October.[9]
7 Irina Karabelnikova F 19 8 September 1982 Lured awa frae Shakhty station bi Chikatilo. Her body wis foond 20 September.
8 Sergey Kuzmin M 15 15 September 1982 A runawa frae a buirdin schuil. Kuzmin's body wis foond at Shakhty station in Januar 1983.
9 Olga Stalmachenok F 10 11 December 1982 Olga wis lured aff a bus while ridin hame frae her piano lessons in Novoshakhtinsk.[10]
10 Laura Sarkisyan F 15 Efter 18 Juin 1983 Sarkisyan wis frae Armenie: her body wis niver foond. Chikatilo wis cleared o this murther at his trial.
11 Irina Dunenkova F 13 Julie 1983 Dunenkova's body wis foond in Aviators' Pairk, Rostov, on 8 August 1983.[11]
12 Lyudmila Kushuba F 24 Julie 1983 Killed in firthland near a Shakhty bus station. Her body wis foond 12 Mairch 1984.[12]
13 Igor Gudkov M 7 9 August 1983 Chikatilo's youngest victim. He wis killed in Aviators' Pairk, Rostov. Gudkov wis the first male victim linkit tae the manhunt.
14 Valentina Chuchulina F 22 Efter 19 September 1983 Chuchulina's body wis foond on 27 November 1983 in a firthit aurie near Kirpichnaya station.[13]
15 Unkent wumman F 18–25 Simmer 1983[14] Chikatilo claimit he encoontered this victim while she tree'd tae find a "man (client) wi a caur."
16 Vera Shevkun F 19 27 October 1983 Killed in a minin veelage near Shakhty. Her body wis foond on 30 October.[15]
17 Sergey Markov M 14 27 December 1983 Disappeared while returnin hame frae wirk experience. His body wis foond on 4 Januar 1984.
18 Natalya Shalapinina F 17 9 Januar 1984 Killed in Aviators' Pairk, Rostov. Shalapinina haed been a close friend o Olga Kuprina, killed bi Chikatilo in 1982.
19 Marta Ryabenko F 45 21 Februar 1984 Chikatilo's auldest victim. She wus killed in Aviators' Pairk, Rostov.
20 Dmitriy Ptashnikov M 10 24 Mairch 1984 Lured frae a stamp kiosk in Novoshakhtinsk bu Chikatilo, who pretendit tae be a fellae collector.[16]
21 Tatyana Petrosyan F 32 25 Mey 1984 Murthered thegither wi her dochter ootside Shakhty. She haed kent Chikatilo syne 1978.[17]
22 Svetlana Petrosyan F 11 25 Mey 1984 Svetlana siw Chikatilo murther her mither afore he chased her an killed her wi a hammer.
23 Yelena Bakulina F 21 22 Juin 1984 Bakulina's body wis foond on 27 August in the Bagasenski region o Rostov.[18]
24 Dmitriy Illarionov M 13 10 Julie 1984 Vanished in Rostov while on his wey tae get a heal certificate for simmer camp.[19]
25 Anna Lemesheva F 19 19 Julie 1984 A student who disappeared on her wey tae veesit a dentist. She wis killed in Shakhty.
26 Svetlana Tsana F 20 Julie 1984 Oreeginally frae Riga. Her body wis foond on 9 September 1984 in Aviators' Pairk, Rostov.[18]
27 Natalya Golosovskaya F 16 2 August 1984 Vanished on a veesit tae Novoshakhtinsk, whaur she wis tae veesit her sister. She wis killed in Aviators' Pairk, Rostov.[20]
28 Lyudmila Alekseyeva F 17 7 August 1984 A student lured frae a bus stap bi Chikatilo, who affered tae direct her tae Rostov's bus terminal.[21]
29 Unkent wumman F 20–25 8–11 August 1984 Killed in Tashkent bi Chikatilo while on a business trip tae the Uzbek SSR ceety.
30 Akmaral Seydaliyeva F 10 13 August 1984 A runawa frae Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, killed bi Chikatilo in Tashkent an aw.[22]
31 Aleksandr Chepel M 11 28 August 1984 Chepel wis killed on the banks o the Don River, near whare Alekseyeva haed been killed.[19]
32 Irina Luchinskaya F 24 6 September 1984 A Rostov leebrarian, killed bi Chikatilo in Aviators' Pairk, Rostov.[23]
33 Natalya Pokhlistova F 18 31 Julie 1985 Lured aff a train bi Chikatilo near Domodedovo Airport, Moscow Oblast. Her body wis foond on 3 August.[24]
34 Irina Gulyayeva F 18 27 August 1985 Killed in a grove o trees near Shakhty bus station. Her body wis foond the follaein day.[25]
35 Oleg Makarenkov M 13 16 Mey 1987 Killed in Revda, Sverdlovsk Oblast. Chikatilo led polis tae Makarenkov's remains efter his arrest.[26]
36 Ivan Bilovetskiy M 12 29 Julie 1987 Killed in firthland alangside a railwey in the Ukrainian ceety o Zaporizhya. His body wis foond bi his awn faither on 30 Julie.[27]
37 Yuri Tereshonok M 16 15 September 1987 Lured aff a train in Leningrad. Chikatilo led polis tae his remains efter his arrest.[28]
38 Unkent woman F 18–25 1–4 Aprile 1988 Killed near Krasny Sulin train station. Her body wis foond on 6 Aprile.[29]
39 Aleksey Voronko M 9 15 Mey 1988 Voronko wis killed near a train station in Ilovaisk, Ukraine: the Rostov–Ukraine rail route.[30]
40 Yevgeniy Muratov M 15 14 Julie 1988 The first victim killed near Rostov syne 1985. Muratov's body wis foond on 10 Aprile 1989.[31]
41 Tatyana Ryzhova F 16 8 Mairch 1989 A runawa frae Krasny Sulin, she wis killed in Chikatilo's awn dochter's apairtment.
42 Aleksandr Dyakonov M 8 11 Mey 1989 Killed in Rostov ceety centre the day efter his 8t birthday. His body wis foond on 14 Julie.[25]
43 Aleksey Moiseyev M 10 20 Juin 1989 Killed in Vladimir Oblast, east o Moscow. Chikatilo confessed tae this murther efter his arrest.[32]
44 Helena Varga F 19 19 August 1989 A student frae Hungary who haed a bairn. She wis lured aff a bus an killed in a veelage near Rostov.[33]
45 Aleksey Khobotov M 10 28 August 1989 Vanished frae ootside a theater in Shakhty. Chikatilo led polis tae his remains efter his arrest.
46 Andrey Kravchenko M 11 14 Januar 1990 Lured frae a cinema bi Chikatilo. He wis killed in Shakhty. Kravchenko's body wis foond on 19 Februar.[34]
47 Yaroslav Makarov M 10 7 Mairch 1990 Lured frae a Rostov train station bi Chikatilo. He wis killed in Rostov Botanical Gardens.[35]
48 Lyubov Zuyeva F 31 4 Aprile 1990 Lured aff a train near the Donleskhoz station near Shakhty. Her body wis foond on 24 August.
49 Viktor Petrov M 13 28 Julie 1990 Killed in Rostov Botanical Gardens; a few yards frae whare Makarov haed been murthert.[36]
50 Ivan Fomin M 11 14 August 1990 Killed at Novocherkassk municipal beach. His body wis foond on 17 August.[37]
51 Vadim Gromov M 16 17 October 1990 A mentally handicapped student frae Shakhty. Gromov vanished while ridin the train tae Taganrog.[38]
52 Viktor Tishchenko M 16 30 October 1990 Killed in Shakhty. Tishchenko focht haurd for his life; he wis the victim who bit Chikatilo's finger.
53 Svetlana Korostik F 22 6 November 1990 Chikatilo's last victim. Her body wis foond 13 November in firthland near Donleskhoz station.

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