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Unalike alphabets is uised ower the warld:
  Laitin Alphabet
  Cyrillic alphabet
  Arabic alphabet
  Brahmic alphabets
  Mixty: Laitin an Cyrilic Alphabet
  Mixty: Latin an Arabic Alphabet
  Mixty: no alphabet or ither alphabet
  Ither alphabet
  Nane-alphabetic writin seestems

An alphabet or ABC is a scrievin seestem, a leet o seembols for scrievin. A seembol in an alphabet is for ordinar cried a "letter". In an alphabet, ilka digraph can be a seembol for a soond or morpheme.

The name alphabet comes frae Alpha an Beta, the first twa letters in the Greek alphabet.

The alphabet uised in this airticle is the Laitin alphabet (or "Roman alphabet"). It wis first uised in Auncient Rome for tae write Laitin. Mony leids uises the Laitin alphabet an aw, an it's the maist widely-uised alphabet the nou. Alphabets uise letters for scrievin, an aw letters cry a soond (a vowel or a consenant), an ither scrievin seestems dinnae uise letters for aw soonds.

Alphabets[eedit | eedit soorce]

A leet o some alphabets an examples o leids at uise thaim:

Ither writin seestems[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ither writin seestems daena uise seembols that means a soond, but insteid uises seembols that means a wird or a seelable. Lang syne, mony culturs uised sic writin seestems, but thay are maistlins anerly uised bi leids that fowk speaks in Asie the nou.

  • The Cheenese writin is cried "pictographic" acause thair writin evolved frae uisin picturs for tae represent wirds or ideas.
  • Japanese uises a mixter-maxter o the Cheenese writin an twa seelabaries cried hiragana an katakana. Modren Japanese aft uises romaji an aw, that's the Japanese seelabary written in the Roman alphabet.
A seelabary is a seestem o writin that is seemilar tae an alphabet. A seelabary uises ae symbol for tae represent ilka seelable o a wird, insteid o ae seembol for ilka letter o the wird. For example, a seelabary wad uise ae seembol for tae mean the seelable "ga", insteid o twa letters o the alphabet "g" an "a".
  • Korean uised the Cheenese writin lang syne, but thay uise an alphabet the nou.