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Bulgarian (български език, pronounced [ˈbɤɫɡɐrski ɛˈzik]) is an Indo-European leid, a member o the Slavic linguistic group.

Bulgarian demonstrates several linguistic innovations that set it apairt frae aw ither Slavic leids except the Macedonie leid, such as the elimination o case declension, the development o a suffixt definite airticle (see Balkan linguistic union), the lack o a verb infinitive, an the retention an further development o the Proto-Slavic verb system. Sindry verb forms exist tae express unwitnessed, retold, an doubtful action. Estimates o the number o fowk aroond the warld who speak Bulgarian fluently range frae aboot 8.5 million[1] tae 9 million.[2] The Bulgarian leid is mutually intelligible wi the Macedonian leid.[3]

Bulgarie uises the Cyrillic alphabet.

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