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Republic o Indie
भारत गणराज्य*
Bhārat Ganarājya
Republic of India
Banner o Indie
Emblem o Indie
Banner Emblem
Naitional motto: "Satyameva Jayate" (Sanskrit)
सत्यमेव जयते  (Devanāgarī)
"Truth Alone Triumphs"[1]
Aurie controlled bi Indie in daurk green;Claimed but uncontrolled territories in licht green
Aurie controlled bi Indie in daurk green;
Claimed but uncontrolled territories in licht green
Offeecial leid Hindi, Inglis
Caipital New Delhi
Lairgest ceety Mumbai

Heid o State -
Prime Meenister -

Federal parliamentary
constitutional republic[2]

Preses Pratibha Patil

Manmohan Singh

Area 3,287,263 km2
1,269,219 sq mi
Population 1,191,222,000 (2011)
Foondin 15 August 1947
Siller Indian rupee
Time zone BTT (UTC+6)
Naitional anthem

Jana Gana Mana
Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people
Naitional flouer
Patron saunt
Internet TLD .bt
Cawin code 975

Indie (/[unsupported input]ˈɪndiə/), offeecially the Republic o Indie (Hindi: भारत गणराज्य Bhārat Gaṇarājya; see an aa offeecial names o Indie), is a kintra in Sooth Asie. It is the seivent-lairgest kintra bi geographical aurie, the seicont-maist populous kintra wi ower 1.2 billion fowk, an the maist populous democracy in the warld.[4] Mainland Indie is boondit bi the Indian Ocean on the sooth, the Arabie Sea on the wast, an the Bay o Bengal on the east; an it is bordered bi Pakistan tae the wast;[note] Bhutan, the Fowkrepublic o Cheenae an Nepal tae the north; an Bangladesh an Burma tae the east. In the Indian Ocean, mainland Indie and the Lakshadweep Islands are in the vicinity o Sri Lanka an the Maldives, while Indie's Andaman an Nicobar Islands share maritime border wi Thailand an the Indonesian island o Sumatra in the Andaman Sea.[5] Indie haes a coastline o 7,517 kilometres (4,700 mi).[6]

Hame tae the auncient Indus Valley Ceevilisation an a region o historic trade routes an vast empires, the Indian subcontinent wis identified wi its commercial an cultural wealth for muckle o its lang history.[7] Fower o the warld's major releegions—Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism an Sikhism—oreeginatit here, while Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity an Islam arrived in the first millennium CE an shapit the region's diverse cultur. Gradually annexed bi the Breetish East India Company frae the early 18t century an colonised bi the Unitit Kinrick frae the mid-19t century, Indie became an independent naition in 1947 efter a struggle for unthirldom which wis marked bi a non-violent resistance led bi Mahatma Gandhi.

Indie is a federal constitutional republic wi a parliamentary democracy consistin o 28 states an seiven union territories. A pluralistic, multilingual an multiethnic society whaur mair than 300[8] leids are spoken, Indie is an aa hame tae a diversity f wildlife in a variety o protected habitats. The Indian economy is the warld's eleivent lairgest economy bi nominal GDP an the fowert lairgest bi purchasin pouer parity. Since the introduction of mercatt-based economic reforms in 1991, Indie haes become ane o the fastest growing major economies in the world;[9] housomeivver, the kintra continues tae face several poverty, illiteracy, corruption an public health relatit challenges. Indie is classified as a newly industrialised kintra an is ane o the fower BRIC naitions.[10][11] It is the warld's saxt de facto recognized nuclear weapons state an haes the third-lairgest staundin airmed force in the warld, while its military expenditure ranks tent in the warld.[12] Indie is a regional pouer in Sooth Asie.[13]

It is a foondin member o the Unitit Naitions, the Non-Aligned Movement, the Warld Trade Organization, the Sooth Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, the East Asie Summit, the G20 an the G8+5; a member o the Commonweel o Naitions; an an observer state in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

Etymologie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Main airticle: Names o Indie

The name Indie is derivit frae Indus, which is derivit frae the Auld Persian wird Hindu, frae Sanskrit सिन्धु Sindhu, the historic local appellation for the Indus River.[14] The auncient Greeks referred tae the Indians as Indoi (Ινδοί), the fowk o the Indus.[15] The Constitution o Indie an common uisage in various Indian leids an aa recognise Bharat (pronoonced [ˈbʱaːrət̪] ( listen)) as an offeecial name o equal status.[16] The name Bharat is derivit frae the name o the legendary king Bharata in Hindu scriptures. Hindustan ([ɦɪnd̪ʊˈst̪aːn] ( listen)), oreeginally a Persian wird for “Land o the Hindus” referrin tae northren Indie, is an aa occasionally uised as a synonym for aw o Indie.[17]

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