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Yatta, Hebron

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Ither transcription(s)
 • Arabicيطّا
 • An aa spelledYattah (official)
Mosque in Yatta
Mosque in Yatta
Yatta is located in the Palestinian territories
Location o Yatta within the Palestinian territories
Coordinates: 31°26′52″N 35°05′24″E / 31.44778°N 35.09000°E / 31.44778; 35.09000Coordinates: 31°26′52″N 35°05′24″E / 31.44778°N 35.09000°E / 31.44778; 35.09000
Palestine grid163/094
 • TeepCeety
 • Heid o MunicipalityKhalil Younis
 • Jurisdiction133.0 km2 (51.4 sq mi)
 • Jurisdiction64,277
Name meaninfrae Juttah[1]

Yatta or Yattah (Arabic: يطّا‎; Hebrew: יטה‎‎) is a Palestinian ceety locatit in the Hebron Govrenorate on a heich approximately 8 km sooth o the ceety o Hebron in the Wast Bank.[2] Accordin tae the Palestinian Central Bureau o Statistics it haed a population o 48,672 in 2007.[3][4]


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Yatta is locatit on the steid o the Biblical toun o Juttah.[2] A Jewish burial complex datin tae the 2nt century CE wis foond in the toun in 1931.[5] Eusebius (4t-cent.) wrote that Yatta wis "a vera lairge veelage o Jews aichteen miles sooth o Beit Guvrin."[5]

In 1596 it wis recordit as haein a population o 127 Muslim families, an paid taxes on wheat, barley, olives, goats an bee-hives.[6] In 1931 the population wis coontit as 4,034 Muslims.[7] The day, some Palestinian-Arab residents believe they oreeginate frae the Jewish kinrick o Khaybar in the sooth-wastren Arabie Peninsulae an are descendit frae the Jewish tribes o Arabie.[8] Research by Yitzhak Ben Zvi in 1928 also suggested that three out of the six extended families in Yatta belonged to the "Mehamra" group and possibly descended from an Arabian Jewish tribe.[5]

Seiven Palestinians wur killed in Yatta durin the Seicont Intifada in different incidents frae 2002-04.[9]

A Jillayeh dress frae Yatta frae aroond 1910 is pairt o the Museum of International Folk Art (MOIFA) at Museum of New Mexico at Santa Fe.[10]


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