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Welshpool Town Hall
Welshpool is located in Powys
Location within Powys
Population6,269 (2001)
OS grid referenceSJ225075
Principal area
Ceremonial coonty
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Postcode destrictSY21
Diallin code01938
FireMid an Wast Wales
EU PairlamentWales
UK Pairlament
Welsh Assemmly
Leet o places
52°39′35″N 3°08′50″W / 52.65966°N 3.14725°W / 52.65966; -3.14725Coordinates: 52°39′35″N 3°08′50″W / 52.65966°N 3.14725°W / 52.65966; -3.14725

Welshpool (Welsh: Y Trallwng) is a toun in Powys, Wales, 4 mile (6 km) frae the Wales-Ingland border. The toun is law-lyin on the River Severn; the Welsh leid name Y Trallwng literally meanin 'the mairshy or sinkin land'. Welshpool is the fowert lairgest toun in Powys.

In Inglis it wis initially kent as Pool but its name wis chynged tae Welshpool in 1835 tae distinguish it frae the Inglis toun o Poole.[1] It haes a population o 6,269 (Unitit Kinrick Census 2001), contains muckle Georgian airchitectur an is juist north o Powis Castle.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Welshpool served briefly as the caipital o Powys Wenwynwyn or Sooth Powys efter its prince wis forced tae flee the traditional Welsh Ryal site at Mathrafal in 1212. Efter 1284 Powys Wenwynwyn ceased tae exist. The Long Mountain plays as a backdrop tae maist o Welshpool, which ance served as the ultimate grunds for defence for fortresses in the times when the toun was juist a swampy mairsh.

The toun wis devastatit bi the forces o Owain Glyndwr in 1400 at the stairt o his rebellion against the Inglis Keeng Henry IV. The day the waymarked lang-distance fuitpath an National Trail Glyndwr's Way runs through the toun.

In 1411 the priest at the kirk o St. Mary's & St. Cynfelin's wis Adam o Usk.

St Cynfelin (an' a' kent as St Matu) is reputit tae be the foonder o the kirk in "the age o the saunts in Wales" in the 5t an 6t centuries.

There is a sax-sidit, brick cock-pit which wis built in the early 18t century an wis in continual uise for cockfechtin till the practice wis ootlawed in 1849. This is the anerlie unaltered cockpit preserved on its oreeginal site in Breetain.

Transport[eedit | eedit soorce]

Welshpool railway station is on the Cambrian Line an is served bi Arriva Trains Wales. The toun is the stairtin point of the Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway an aw, a narrae-gauge heritage railway popular wi tourists, wi its terminus station at Raven Square. The licht railway ance ran through the toun tae the Cambrian Line railway station, but the day Raven Square, locatit on the wastren edge o the toun, is the eastren terminus o the line.

A sma netwirk o bus services link surroondin touns an veelages, mainly operatit bi Tanat Valley Coaches. Notable is service No X75, servin Shrewsbury tae the east an Newtown an Llanidloes tae the sooth wast, forby service No D71 tae Oswestry via Guilsfield an Llanymynech. In addition there is a local toun service operatit bi Owen's Coaches. The semi-disuised Montgomery Canal runs through Welshpool an aw. Tae the sooth o the toun is Welshpool Airport which is kent as the Mid Wales Airport an aw.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

The local economy is primarily based upon agricultur an local industry. The Smithfield Livestock Market is the lairgest ane-day sheep mercat in Europe, whilst the toun's industrial estates are hame tae numerous different types o sma industry. Due tae the toun's sma size an population the attraction o heich street stores is limited, meanin mony o the residents are forced tae shop in neighbourin touns like Newtown an Shrewsbury.

Education[eedit | eedit soorce]

The toun is the hame o Ardwyn Nursery an Infants Schuil, Oldford Nursery an Infants Schuil, Gungrog Nursery an Infants Schuil, Maes-y-dre Primary Schuil an Welshpool Heich Schuil is a seicontary schuil which teaches a range o pupils frae ages 11–18 an is consistently set tae a vera heich staundart o education throughoot Key Stage 3 an 4 an A Level studies. It haes ane o the heichest results average for GCSEs in Wales.

Sport[eedit | eedit soorce]

Welshpool haes a fitbaa club an a rugby union club, the umwhile being Welshpool Town F.C. an the latter, Welshpool Rugby Football Club. The toun haes hockey an cricket clubs an aw.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Davies, John; Jenkins, Nigel; Menna, Baines; Lynch, Peredur I., eds. (2008). The Welsh Academy Encyclopaedia of Wales. Cardiff: University of Wales Press. p. 944. ISBN 978-0-7083-1953-6.

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