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Morben is locatit in Powys
Location within Powys
OS grid referenceSN711994
Principal aurie
Ceremonial coonty
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
FireMid an Wast Wales
EU PairlamentWales
UK Pairlament
Leet o places
52°34′39″N 3°54′12″W / 52.5776°N 3.9033°W / 52.5776; -3.9033Coordinates: 52°34′39″N 3°54′12″W / 52.5776°N 3.9033°W / 52.5776; -3.9033

Morben is a hamlet in northren Powys, Wales. Pairt o the historic coonty o Montgomeryshire (Sir Drefaldwyn) frae 1536 tae 1974, it lees on the Afon Dyfi an wis ance the home o a nummer o riverside quays, includin Cei Ward and Y Bwtri. The steid o Cei Ward lees alangside the A487 opposite Plas Llugwy, whaur the road, railwa an river run close thegither. Y Bwtri lay on the bend o the river opposite Pennal an wis the steid o a shipyard.

The narrow gauge Corris, Machynlleth an River Dovey Tramroad (opened 1859) carriet slate frae the quarries aroond Corris an Aberllefenni tae Morben, whaur it wis loadit intae ships for onward shipment. At aroond the time the tramwa became the Corris Railway in the early 1860s the Aberystwyth and Welsh Coast Railway extendit the staundart gauge rails wast o Machynlleth, an suin efter the section o the Tramroad wast o Machynlleth wis abandoned an slate wis insteid trans-shippit tae main line trains.

Inward guids affloadit at Morben ad hae includit lime an coal.

Morben lees on the A487 trunk road frae Machynlleth tae Aberystwyth. Plas Morben staunds on the hillside abuin the road, while Morben Isaf caravan pairk lees atween the road an the river.

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