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Aberystwyth (Inglis: Mouth of the River Ystwyth, Inglis pronunciation: /ˌæbəˈrɪstwɪθ/, Welsh: [abɛrˈəstʊɨθ]) is a historic mercat toun, admeenistrative centre an holiday resort athin Ceredigion, Wales. It is aften colloquially kent as Aber, an is locatit at the confluence o the rivers Ystwyth an Rheidol.

Syne the late 19t century, Aberystwyth haes an aa been a major Welsh educational centre, wi the establishment o a university college there in 1872. The toun's population wis offeecially 15,935 in the 29 Aprile 2001 census[1] or 16,928 if local-government wards are tallied.[2] Durin nine month o the year, there is an influx o students—tae a total number o 8841 at Julie 2009,[3] but there is nae reliable measure o the number o those students whose family residence is ootside Aberystwyth.

Twinned touns

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Aberystwyth is twinned wi:[4]


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Coordinates: 52°25′N 4°04′W / 52.417°N 4.067°W / 52.417; -4.067