Vitória, Espírito Santo

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Ceety an municipality
The Municipality o Vitória do Espírito Santo
Montages o the ceety o Vitória
Montages o the ceety o Vitória
Banner o Vitória
Honey Island
Sun Ceety
Location in the State o Espírito Santo
Location in the State o Espírito Santo
Location of Vitória
Country Brazil
StateBandeira do Espírito Santo.svg Espírito Santo
 • MayorJoão Carlos Coser (PT)
 • Ceety an municipality93 km2 (36 sq mi)
 • Ceety an municipality313,312
 • Density3360/km2 (8,700/sq mi)
 • Metro
Time zoneUTC-3 (UTC-3)
Postal Code
WebsiteVitória, Espírito Santo

Vitória (Portuguese pronunciation: [viˈtɔɾjɐ], Victory) is the caipital o the state o Espírito Santo, Brazil. It is locatit on a sma island athin a bay whaur a few rivers meet the sea. It wis foondit in 1551. The ceety proper (aurie 93 km2 or 35.9 sq mi) haes a population o 313,300 (2005) whilst the Greater Vitória metropolitan aurie haes a population o mair nor 1,612,885 (2005), the 14t lairgest in Brazil. In 1998, the Unitit Naitions ratit Vitória as the fowert best state caipital in Brazil tae live in, ratin ceeties on health, education, an social impruivement projects.

Eurico de Aguiar Salles Airport connects Vitória wi mony Brazilian ceeties.

The ceety is hame tae the Federal Varsity o Espírito Santo (UFES).

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Coordinates: 20°19′08″S 40°20′16″W / 20.31889°S 40.33778°W / -20.31889; -40.33778