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Town hall
Town hall
Coat of airms o Unterschleißheim
Coat airms
Unterschleißheim is located in Germany
Location o Unterschleißheim athin Munich destrict
Coordinates: 48°17′0″N 11°34′0″E / 48.28333°N 11.56667°E / 48.28333; 11.56667Coordinates: 48°17′0″N 11°34′0″E / 48.28333°N 11.56667°E / 48.28333; 11.56667
Admin. regionOberbayern
 • MayorRolf Zeitler (CSU)
 • Total14.93 km2 (5.76 sq mi)
473 m (1,552 ft)
 • Total29,523
 • Density2,000/km2 (5,100/sq mi)
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
Diallin codes089
Vehicle registrationM

Unterschleißheim is a toun in Bavarie, Germany. It is locatit aboot 10 km north o the ceety leemits o Munich, an haes a population o 27,106 (31 December 2007).


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Unterschleißheim wis first mentioned in 785. Durin Warld War II, a weemen's subcamp o Dachau concentration camp wis locatit here.[2] The toun's 1200t anniversary in 1985 incorporatit the inauguration o the new toun centre wi the Toun Haw an Citizens Advice Bureau. On 16 December 2000, Unterschleißheim wis grantit privileges o a toun, kent as 'Stadtrecht' in German.

Unterschleißheim's coat o airms seembolises the ceety's past an present. The shield o the coat o airms is dividit. The upper pairt shows a gowden zigzag line on a blue backgrund. The lawer pairt incorporates a green branch o a spruce an a green aik leaf on a gowden backgrund.[3]

Unterschleißheim is the hame o a corporate office o Adobe Systems, as weel as the heidquairters o Microsoft's subsidiary in Germany an for Eastren Europe.


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Lake Unterschleißheim wis creaut frae 1979-1980 bi extracting fill tae big the Autobahn. Ower the past 3 decades it haes acome an awmaist naitural lake, wi an ecologically balanced zone, a conservation aurie for seabirds in the nestin saison, an a damp biotop covering 26 acre (110,000 m2) o laund, o whilk thareby 18 acre (73,000 m2) is uised for sunbathing. Wi numerous shallae auries this is a popular simmer gathering aurie for faimilies wi bairns, an uised frequently for ice skating an curling in the winter.


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Unterschleißheim is situatit at the crossroads o twa Autobahns, the A99 an A92, wi direct routes tae Stuttgart, Nuremberg an the Munich Airport Franz Josef Strauß. Twa S-Bahn stations on the Munich–Regensburg line, servit bi S1 trains, connect Unterschleißheim wi the regional rail seestem.


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