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Unitit States Airmy
Emblem of the United States Department of the Army.svg
Active 14 Juin 1775 – present
(244 years, 3 months)
Kintra  Unitit States o Americae
Allegiance Constitution o the Unitit States
Teep Airmy
Size 546,047 Active personnel
559,244 Reserve an National Guard personnel
1,105,301 tot[3]
Pairt o Depairtment o War (1789–1947)
Depairtment o the Airmy (1947–present)
Motto(s) "This We'll Defend"
Colours Black, Gowd         
Mairch "The Army Goes Rolling Along"
Anniversaries Airmy Day (14 Juin)
Engagements American Revolutionary War
Indian Wars
War o 1812
Mexican–American War
Utah War
American Ceevil War
Spainyie-American War
Philippine-American War
Banana Wars
Boxer Rebellion
Border War
Warld War I
Roushie Ceevil War
Warld War II
Korean War
Operation Power Pack
Vietnam War
Operation Eagle Claw
Invasion o Grenada
Invasion o Panama
Persian Gulf War
Somali Ceevil War
Kosovo War
War in Afghanistan
Iraq War
Wabsteid www.Army.mil
Commander-in-Chief Preses Donald Trump
Secretar o Defence James Mattis
Secretar o the Airmy Eric Fanning
Unner Secretar o the Airmy Patrick J. Murphy
Chief o Staff GEN Mark A. Milley
Vice Chief o Staff GEN Dan Allyn
Sergeant Major of the Army SMA Daniel A. Dailey
Unitit States Airmy flag Flag of the United States Army.svg
US Army logo.svg

The Unitit States Airmy (USA) is the main branch o the Unitit States Airmed Forces responsible for land-based militar operations. It is the lairgest an auldest established branch o the U.S. militar, an is ane o seiven U.S. uniformed services. The modren airmy haes its ruits in the Continental Airmy which wis furmed on 14 Juin 1775,[4] tae meet the demands o the American Revolutionary War afore the establishment o the Unitit States. The Congress o the Confederation offeecially creatit the Unitit States Airmy on 3 Juin 1784[5][6] efter the end o the Revolutionary War tae replace the disbandit Continental Airmy. The airmy considers itself tae be descendit frae the Continental Airmy an sicweys dates its inception frae the origins o that force.[4]

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