The Bridge on the River Kwai

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The Bridge on the River Kwai
Directit bi David Lean
Produced bi Sam Spiegel
Screenplay bi Carl Foreman
Michael Wilson
Based on The Bridge over the River Kwai
bi Pierre Boulle
Starnin William Holden
Alec Guinness
Jack Hawkins
Sessue Hayakawa
Muisic bi Malcolm Arnold
Cinematografie Jack Hildyard
Eeditit bi Peter Taylor
Distributit bi Columbia Pictures
Release date
  • 2 October 1957 (1957-10-02)
Runnin time
161 minutes
Kintra USA/UK
Leid Inglis
Budget $3 million (estimatit)
Box office $33.3 million (in U.S.)

The Bridge on the River Kwai is a 1957 Breetish-American Warld War II film directit bi David Lean, based on the eponymous French novel (1952) bi Pierre Boulle. The film is a wirk o fiction but borrows the construction o the Burma Railway in 1942–43 for its historical settin. It starns William Holden, Jack Hawkins, Alec Guinness an Sessue Hayakawa. The film wis filmed in Ceylon (nou kent as Sri Lanka). The bridge in the film wis locatit near Kitulgala.

The film achieved near-universal creetical acclaim, winnin seiven Academy Awairds (includin Best Picture) at the 30t Academy Awards, an in 1997 this film wis deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically signieeficant" an selectit for preservation in the Unitit States Library o Congress National Film Registry. It is widely considered tae be ane o the greatest films o aw time.[1][2]

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