Teresa Salgueiro

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Teresa Salgueiro
Birth nameMaria Teresa de Almeida Salgueiro
Born (1969-01-08) 8 Januar 1969 (age 55)
Lisbon, Portugal
GenresWarld muisic, Fado
ThriftMuisicker, leericist, sangwriter
InstrumentsVocals, Piano
Years active1986–present
LabelsClepsidra Música,
Citadela das Artes
Associate actsMadredeus

Teresa Salgueiro (Portuguese pronunciation: [tɨˈɾezɐ saɫˈɡejɾu]) (sometimes misspelled as Tereza Salgueiro) OIH (born Lisboa, 8 Januar 1969) is a Portuguese sangster. She is best kent as the lead sangster o Madredeus frae 1987 till 2007. She pairticipatit as lead actress in featur film bi Wim Wenders, entitled "Lisbon Story" an aw.

In parallel wi the group’s activity, Teresa releases the album "Obrigado" (2006) — a collaboration wi various airtists such as José Carreras, Caetano Veloso, Angelo Branduardi, amangst ithers. In 2007 she records twa albums in pairtnership wi the Septet João Cristal (Você e Eu) an the Lusitânia Ensemble (La Serena) that splores diverse muisical universes demonstratin her versatility as an interpreter. She maintained, wi these twa projects an for twa years, a regular program o concerts in Europe, Brazil an Mexico.

An aw in 2007, bi invitation o the Pols componer Zbigniew Preisner, she pairticipatit as the lead soloist vyce on the album "Silence Night and Dreams." Wi this concert, which haed its debut at the Acropolis in Athens, she teuk the stage in several European ceeties like Paris, Lunnon an Płock.

On 30 Juin 2007, Teresa Salgueiro performit at the Teatro S. Carlo in Naples, bi invitation o the Solis String Quartet, playin a set o sangs reminiscent o the legacy o Neapolitan muisic. Twa years later, in 2010, the Concert "Canti Naviganti" wis creatit an premiered in selectit ceeties o Italy.

Awready as a unthirlt airtist, in August 2008, wi the idea o gatherin a repertoire that wad portray the different eras, tradeetions, customs an Portuguese regions, Teresa meets again wi the Lusitânia Ensemble an thus wis born the album "Matriz", whose concerts wur presentit in Europe an Africae.

"Voltarei à Minha Terra" wis a journey throu the collective memory o the Portuguese muisic o the 20t century. Wi a new lineup, hintle mair closer tae her sensitivity, Teresa Salgueiro teuk ower the direction o the muisical arrangements, drawin an oreeginal leid that reflects a poetic universe, born o Portuguese wirds an feelins.

This journey o 25 years o uninterruptit dedication tae muisic nou culminates in the creation o oreeginal pieces that wur born frae the encoonter o Teresa wi the muisickers she haes chosen. For the first time ever, besides componin the sangs, she teuk upon hersel the task o writin aw the leerics.

Ower nine month, frae November 2010 tae Julie 2011, Teresa developit the concepts an ideas crystallisit intae muisical forms an invitit António Pinheiro da Silva, wi whom he shared the first ten years o recordins an concerts o her career, tae co-produce this new album.

Throuoot August 2011, she retires tae the Convent o Arrábida wi her muisickers an, in the surroondins o the muntain, set up a recordin studio whaur they record the seiventeen tracks that give birth tae the album "O Mistério".

Solo Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 2006 Obrigado (Thank You)
  • 2007 Você e Eu (You an Me)
  • 2007 La Serena
  • 2007 Silence, Night and Dreams
  • 2009 Matriz (Matrix)
  • 2012 O Mistério (The Mystery)

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Teresa Salgueiro is marriet wi the poet Rui Machado. Baith hae a dochter born in 1998 namit Inês.

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