Tamil leid

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Tamil (தமிழ்)
Uised in:
Aw speakers: 68 million native spaekers, 77 million tot


Leid codes
ISO 639-1 ta
ISO 639-2 tam
ISO 639-3 tam

The Tamil leid is a Dravidian leid spaik bi the Tamil fowk in the Indie subcontinent. It haes offeecial status in Indie, Sri Lanka an Singapore. In Indie, it is the offeecial leid o the state o Tamil Nadu, an it wis the first Indie leid tae be cried a clessical leid bi the Indian govrenment in 2004. Tamil leetaratur dates back 2000 years, the earliest records datin back tae the thrid century BC. Tamil leetaratur frae the first century BC an the seicont century AD haes been fand in Egyp an Thailand. It haes atweesh 68 an 77 million spaekers warld-wide.