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Studebaker Corporation
Industrie Vehicle manufactur
Foondit Februar 1852; 167 years ago (1852-02)
Foonder Studebaker brithers
Defunct Mey 1967 (1967-05)
Heidquarters South Bend, Indiana, USA
Products Automobiles
historic wagons, carriages an harness
Parent Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company

Studebaker Corporation, or simply Studebaker (/ˈstuːdəbeɪkər/, 'STOO'-də-bay-kər), wis a Unitit States wagon an automobile manufacturer based in Sooth Bend, Indiana. Foondit in 1852 an incorporatit in 1868 unner the name o the Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company, the company wis originally a producer o wagons for farmers, miners, an the military.

Studebaker entered the automotive business in 1902 wi electric vehicles an in 1904 wi petrol vehicles, all sold unner the name "Studebaker Automobile Company". Till 1911, its automotive division operatit in partnership wi the E-M-F Company an the Garford Company o Elyria, Ohio.

The first petrol caurs tae be fully manufactured bi Studebaker wur marketit in August 1912. Ower the next 50 years, the company established an enviable reputation for quality an reliability. The Sooth Bend plant ceased production on December 20, 1963, an the last Studebaker caur rolled off the Hamilton, Ontario, Canadae, plant on Mairch 16, 1966.