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Studebaker Flight Hawk
Studebaker Flight Hawk

The Studebaker Flight Hawk wis the lawest-priced model in the fower-model Hawk family sports caur line introduced bi Studebaker in 1956.

Styling[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Flight Hawk wis based on the Champion twa-door coupe which haed been introduced for the 1953 model year. Like the ither 1956 Hawks, the Flight Hawk received a new hood, grille, decklid an instrument panel. Flight Hawks itherwise haed the minimum amoont o exterior chrome an received hubcaps unless full wheel covers wur itherwise ordered frae the factory or optioned through the dealer.

Pouer[eedit | eedit soorce]

Unlike the ither Hawks, housomeivver, which wur aw pouered strictly bi V-8 ingines, the Flight Hawk came wi the Champion's 185.6-cubic-inch (3.0-liter) inline sax-cylinder ingine, ratit at 101 horsepouer (75 kW). Teamed wi this ingine coud be either a standard three-speed manual transmission, the same wi owerdrive, or a three-speed automatic transmission (kent as Flight-O-Matic).

Available models[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Flight Hawk wis a twa-door pillared coupe (model 56G-C3), which carried a leet price o $1,986. Housomeivver, for Canadae an ither foreign markets, Studebaker made a pillarless hardtop (model 56G-K7) available. Nine o the 560 hardtops built wur sauld in the U.S., although it is no kent hou muckle they cost when new.

Production[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Coupe, Model 56G-C3, 4,389 total, brakken doun bi manufacturin plant:
    • 2,508 (South Bend plant)
    • 557 (Los Angeles plant)
    • 584 (Hamilton, Ont. plant)
    • 740 (Exportit tae ither kintras)
  • Hardtop, Model 56G-K7, 560 total, brakken doun bi manufacturin plant:
    • 9 (South Bend plant)
    • 52 (Hamilton, Ont. plant)
    • 499 (Exportit tae ither kintras)

O the fower available Hawks for 1956, the Flight Hawk wis the seicont-maist popular. The Pouer Hawk, wi 7,095 produced for aw markets, led in sales bi a fairly wide margin.

Ane-year wonder[eedit | eedit soorce]

Studebaker decidit tae simplify the Hawk line for 1957. This decision spelled the end for the Flight, Power an Sky Hawks, which wur combined intae the new Silver Hawk series.

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