Studebaker Lark

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Studebaker Lark

The Lark wis a pioneerin "compact caur" designed an biggit bi Studebaker an introduced as a 1959 model.

Frae its introduction in 1959 till 1962, the Lark wis a product o the Studebaker-Packard Corporation. In mid-1962, the company dropped "Packard" frae its name an revert tae its pre-1954 name, the Studebaker Corporation. In addition tae bein biggit in Studebaker's South Bend, Indiana, hame plant, the Lark an its descendants wis biggit in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada forby, frae 1959-1966 bi Studebaker o Canada Limited. The caurs wis export tae a number o kintras aroond the warld as completit units an completely knocked doun (CKD) kits.

Lark-based variants represented the bulk o the range o models produced bi Studebaker efter 1958 an sellt in far greater volumes than the Hawk faimily sports caur an the later Avanti. The company, that celebratit its 100t anniversary in 1952, ceased auto production in 1966.

End o production models[eedit | eedit soorce]

The last South Bend caur an the last Canadian caur is on display at the Studebaker Naitional Museum in Sooth Bend, Indiana. The final U.S. biggit Lark-type wis retained bi the company insteid o bein delivered tae the Pennsylvania dealer that haed ordered it. The caur haes approximately 30 mi (48 km) on its odometer. The final Canadian caur, a 1966 Cruiser, wis driven several thoosan miles bi a company executive (records indicate that it wis biggit for delivery tae the company's Parts and Service Division in Sooth Bend). It wis hinderly retired tae the company's collection an haes been restored in recent years tae as-new condition.