Studebaker Light Four

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Studebaker Light Four touring car

The Studebaker Light Four wis an automobile produced bi the Studebaker Corporation o Sooth Bend, Indiana in 1918 an 1919. The caur wis offeecially designatit Model SH Series 19 an available as a touring caur, sedan an roadster.

The Light Four rode a 112 in (2,800 mm) wheelbase, an wis pouered bi Studebaker's inline 192 cu in (3,150 cc) fower-cylinder ingine, deliverin 40 bhp (30 kW) at 2,000 rpm.

The Light Four wis dropped in 1920 as Studebaker shiftit its model range exclusively tae sax cylinder ingines.

Acause o its law production nummers, the Light Four is considered tae be a rare model bi Studebaker collectors o this era o automobile.

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