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Sirie fowk

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The Sirie fowk (Arabic: الشعب السوري‎ / ALA-LC: al-sha‘ab al-Sūrī) are the inhabitants an citizens o Sirie. While modren-day Siries are commonly describit as Arabs bi virtue o their modren-day leid an bonds tae Arab cultur an history, they are, in fact, lairgely a blend o the various Aramaic, Arab, an Arabic-speakin groups indigenous tae the region. Maist Siries reside primarily in Sirie; however 17 million Siries,[1] maistly Christians live ootside o Sirie an they stay connectit tae their cultural ruits bi listenin tae Sirie muisic, watchin Sirie Televeesion, an preparin Sirie cuisine.

Arabic is the mither tongue o some 90%[2] o Siries as well as the offeecial state leid. The Sirie dialect, which belangs tae the same Eastren Mediterranean-Levantine faimily tree o dialects, varies little frae Modren Staundart Arabic; housomeivver it is uniquely different frae the ither Arabic vernaculars in that it is saturatit wi Aramaic, Siriac, Greek, Persie, an Phoenicie wirds. Housomeivver, the staundardisit form o Arabic, uised in formal settins throuoot the Arab warld, contains the same vocabulary an grammar for aw Arab kintras. Kurdish, Turkis, an Circassie are spoken in Sirie bi their respective minority commonties. A direct descendant o the Aramaic o Jesus Christ, is still spoken in auncient Christian veelage o Ma'loula as well as widely unnerstuid athin mony ither Sirie-Christian commonties—aw o whom uise Siriac as a liturgical leid. Inglis, an tae a lesser extent French, is widely unnerstuid an uised in interactions wi tourists an ither foreigners.


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As a Mediterranean fowk, the Sirie fowk are a mosaic o Wast an East. Conservative an leeberally mindit fowk will live richt next tae ilk ither, an hauld debates wi ilk ither. Like the ither kintras in the region, releegion permeates life; the govrenment registers ivery Sirie's releegious affiliation.


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Sirie cuisine is dominatit bi Mediterranean ingredients. Olive ile, garlic, olives, peppermint, an sesame ile are some o the ingredients that are uised in mony tradeetional meals. Traditional Sirie dishes enjoyed bi Siries include, tabouleh, labaneh, shanklish, wara enab, makdous, kebab, sfiha, moutabal, hummus, maneesh, bameh, an fatoush. Afore the main courses, Siries eat maza, which is basically an appetizer. Sirie Muslim men are mair likely tae drink tea wi their maza; whareas Sirie Christian men prefer tae drink Arak wi their maza.


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