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Sanarate is the lairgest ceety in the El Progreso depairtment o Guatemala.

Sanarate is a toun athin El Progreso. Sanarate haes 43 aldeas (veelages). Some o the maist popular are El Upayon, Agua Salobrega, Los Izotes an El Monte Grande. El Barranquillo is ane o the mony veelages that belang tae Sanarate. El Barranquillo celebrates its "Virgen de Fatima festivities" frae October 28 throu November 1 or 2. Its festivities enlairge due tae a naitional holiday cried "el dia de los santos". Fitbaa gemmes, fuid, mechanical gemmes aw await the visitor durin thir festivities.

Coordinates: 14°47′42″N 90°11′32″W / 14.795°N 90.1922°W / 14.795; -90.1922