Morazán, El Progreso

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Morazán (Spaingie pronunciation: [moɾaˈsan]) is a municipality in the El Progreso Depairtment o Guatemala.

Morazán is situatit at 349.5 m abuin sea level, an covers a terrain o 329 km². employment is owergrown nou o mony opportunities thare are in Morazán. Agricultur is the dominant trade, an hintle o the population wirks faimily-awned fields. Opportunities for eddication hae nou been mair available its heicher frae kindergarten tae learnin bein a teacher. Thare are mony sports tae be done. Friendly fowk an mony stored tae search aroond.

Ane annual festival "Feria del pueblo" is celebratit frae December 22 tae Dizember 26 each year.

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Coordinates: 14°55′58″N 90°08′35″W / 14.9328°N 90.1431°W / 14.9328; -90.1431