San Antonio La Paz

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San Antonio La Paz (Spaingie pronunciation: [san anˈtonjo la pas]) is a municipality in the El Progreso depairtment o Guatemala. It is situatit at 1240 m abuin sea level. It covers a terrain o 209 km². San Antonio haes impruivit in the past couple o years. San Antonio haes twa pharmacies an mony doctors. Each hoose in San Antonio haes a little o room that is sort o a forest o a little plantation for growin corn, coffee, beans, an ither plants. Thare are trees aw ower San Antonio o aw kynd o fruit, apples, bananas, jocotes, oranges, lemons, limes, an ither fruit.

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Coordinates: 14°45′N 90°17′W / 14.750°N 90.283°W / 14.750; -90.283