San Antonio Aguas Calientes

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San Antonio Aguas Calientes
San Antonio Aguas Calientes is located in Guatemala
San Antonio Aguas Calientes
San Antonio Aguas Calientes
Location in Guatemala
Coordinates: 14°32′50″N 90°46′52″W / 14.54722°N 90.78111°W / 14.54722; -90.78111
Kintra Guatemala
 • Total9,706
Time zoneUTC-6 (Central Time)

San Antonio Aguas Calientes is a municipality in the Guatemalan depairtment o Sacatepéquez.

This toun is kent for its weavers. Mayan weemen in the aurie uise a backstrap loom tae weave tradeetional patterns. Thare is a twa story mercat on the square that sells weavins an ither crafts. Several o the weemen hae their looms set up an will demonstrate their skills. Thare are a couple ither stores ootside o toun that sell weavins an aw. It is aboot a 30 minute taxi ride frae Antigua but ane haes tae retain the taxi for the return trip an aw syne thare are uisually nae taxis in this little toun.

It is possible (an vera safe durin daylicht oors) tae catch a chicken bus tae San Antonio frae ahint the mercat in Antigua an aw. Buses run atween San Antonio an San Antonio ivery 15 minutes an cost juist 3.5Q. Buses depairt San Antonio for Antigua juist ane block north frae the Central Pairk on 2a Av.