Sa'dah Govrenorate

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Coordinates: 16°58′N 44°43′E / 16.967°N 44.717°E / 16.967; 44.717Coordinates: 16°58′N 44°43′E / 16.967°N 44.717°E / 16.967; 44.717
 • Total11375 km2 (4,392 sq mi)
 • Total838,000
 • Density74/km2 (190/sq mi)
Location o Sa'dah in Yemen

The Sa'dah Govrenorate (Arabic: ‏صعدة‎Ṣa'da) is a govrenorate locatit in the north o Yemen on the mairch wi Saudi Arabie. In Februar 2004, the province haed a population o 695,033 indwallers, aroond 3.67% o the tot population o Yemen an hae an aurie o 11,375 square kilometers.[2] It is ane o the maist inaccessible auries o Yemen an ranks amang the poorest in the kintra. The provincial caipital is Sa`dah, the lairgest ceety in the govrenorate.

Saada is ane o the few regions o Yemen inhabitit bi a lairge majority o Zaydis, a Muslim releegious minority close tae Shia (frae which thay separatit at the end o the 8t century efter a dispute aboot the identity o the fift Shi'a Imam). It is currently the centre o an insurgency pittin Zaydi rebels against the govrenment.

Insurgency in Sa'dah[eedit | eedit soorce]

Syne Juin 2004, violent conflict haes taken place in Saada, killin hunders an causin displacement o the population. The conflict haes its ruits in an insurgency against the govrenment o Yemen which wis initiatit bi a rebel Imam. A ceasefire, brokered in Juin 2007, wis follaed bi a peace agreement in Februar 2008. Bi Aprile 2008, housomeivver, the peace process wis in jeopardy as each side o the conflict accuised the ither o failin tae implement aspects o the peace agreement. Analysts suggest that renewed conflict will hae an impact on the humanitarian situation in the region.[3] In Mey 2008, it wis estimatit that thare wur 77,000 internally displaced bodies (IDPs) in Saada as a result o the conflict.[4]

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