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'Adan Govrenorate

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Map o Yemen showin 'Adan province.
Map o Yemen showin 'Adan province.

'Adan ([عدن ʻAdan] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)) is a govrenorate o Yemen, includin the ceety o its caipital Aden. At the 2004 census, it haed a population o 589,419.[1] The auncient caipital, the port ceety o Crater, wis locatit here.

'Adan wis unner Breetish rule in the period frae 1839 til 1967. In 1967, efter years o fechtin, 'Adan an ither soothren govrenorates gained their unthirldom. The ceety o Aden subsequently became the caipital o South Yemen atween 1967 an 1990). In 1990, baith Sooth Yemen an North Yemen combined tae form the present Republic o Yemen. Aden is nou the commercial caipital o the Republic o Yemen.

The archipelago o Socotra wis pairt o the Govrenorate o 'Adan, but it wis attached tae Hadhramaut Govrenorate in 2004.


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Coordinates: 12°54′N 44°55′E / 12.900°N 44.917°E / 12.900; 44.917