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Hadhramaut Govrenorate

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SeatAl Mukalla
 • Total191737 km2 (74,030 sq mi)
 • Total1,255,000
 • Density6.5/km2 (17/sq mi)

Hadhramaut or Hadramawt (Arabic: حضرموتḤaḍramawt) is a governorate o Yemen. Lyin athin the lairge historical region o Hadhramaut, it is the kintra's lairgest govrenorate.

The caipital o Hadhramut is the ceety o Al Mukalla. Ither ceeties in Hadhramaut include the historical touns o Shibam, Sena, Seiyun, Tarim, an Alshiher. It wis badly hit bi rainfaw durin the 2008 Yemen floods, which left thoosans hameless an mony biggins shattered.

The Socotra archipelago haes been pairt o Hadhramaut Govrenorate syne 2004, when it wis muivit frae 'Adan Govrenorate. In 2013, it shapit the newly creatit Soqatra Govrenorate.


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Efter the creation o separate Socotra Govrenorate in Dizember 2013, anerly 28 destricts remain in Hadramaut Govrenorate:

Twa destricts hae shapit Socotra Govrenorate syne Dizember 2013:

See Hadhramaut for further information.


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Coordinates: 16°40′N 49°30′E / 16.667°N 49.500°E / 16.667; 49.500