Dhamar Govrenorate

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Cairt o Yemen showin Dhamar govrenorate.
Cairt o Yemen showin Dhamar govrenorate.

Dhamar (Arabic: ذمارḎamār), an aw spelt Thamar, is a govrenorate o Yemen. It is locatit tae the sooth an sootheast o Sana'a Govrenorate, tae the north o Ibb Govrenorate, tae the east o Al Hudaydah Govrenorate an tae the northwast o Al Bayda' Govrenorate in the central heichlands o Yemen. It haes a tot auries o 7,586 km2 (2,929 sq mi) an an estimatit population o aroond ane an a hauf million.

The visitor enters Dhamar govrenorate aboot 70 km sooth o the Sana’a airport. The centre o the govrenorate is aboot 100 km (62 mi) frae Sana’a, the caipital o the Republic. The govrenorate sits amang a nummer o ither govrenorates: Sana’a tae the north an northeast, al-Bayda’ tae the east, Ibb tae the sooth, an Raymah an al-Hudaydah tae the wast.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

The govrenorate covers 7,935 km2 (3,064 sq mi), which is dividit amang 12 admeenistrative destricts (mudiriyyah) an further dividit intae 314 sub-destricts (‘uzlah). Accordin tae the 2004 census, the govrenorate contains 1,329,229 fowk, maist o whom live in the govrenorate’s 3,262 veelages.

The govrenorate’s climate is temperate, awtho the central an eastren sections o the govrenorate tend tae be cauld durin the winter, while the valleys an wastren slopes are warmer. The average temperaturs range frae 10 tae 19 °C (50 tae 66 °F) in simmer, an frae 8 tae −1 °C (46 tae 30 °F) in winter.

The govrenorate in general lees 1,600–3,200 m (5,200–10,500 ft) abuin the sea level, wi a topographic relief that varies frae heich muntains tae deep valleys, upland plains an plateaus. The maist muntain peaks include Isbil, al-Lisi, Duran, the twa Wusab moontain ranges, an the ‘Utamah muntains. Jahran, in the north central pairt o the govrenorate, is its maist extensive plain.

Destricts[eedit | eedit soorce]

15°40′N 43°56′E / 15.667°N 43.933°E / 15.667; 43.933