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Ibb Govrenorate

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Map o Yemen showin Ibb govrenorate.
Map o Yemen showin Ibb govrenorate.

Ibb (Arabic: إبIbb) is a govrenorate o Yemen. It is locatit in the inland sooth o the kintra wi Ta'izz Govrenorate tae the soothwast, Ad Dali' Govrenorate tae the sootheast, Dhamar Govrenorate tae the north, an short borders wi Al Bayda' Govrenorate tae the east an Al Hudaydah Govrenorate tae the wast. It haes an aurie o 5,344 km² an a population estimatit at aroond 1,665,000 in 2004, makkin it the maist densely populatit govrenorate in Yemen ootside o Sana'a ceety.

Its caipital is Ibb, which, alang wi Jibla, are extremely significant historic ceeties. The province contains mony attractions in destricts such as Yareem, Ba'dan an Al-Sabrah. Ibb is locatit on the soothwastren side o the escarpment o the Yemeni Heichlands, wi dramatic drops tae Ta'izz ceety an the Tihama coastline. There are an aw impressive views o 3,070 metre heich Jebel Sabir tae the sooth.

Kintraside in Ibb Govrenorate

Awin tae the wey in which it capturs the upper-level soothwastren monsoonal flow durin the months frae Aprile tae October, Ibb govrenorate is the wettest place in Arabie. Though meteorological data are exceedingly poor an even o questionable accuracy, the annual precipitation is probably mair nor 1,000 mm (40 inches) an some estimate suggest it coud be as heich as 1,500mm (60 inches). There is little rain frae November tae Februar, but for the rest o the year there is probably at least 100mm (4 inches) o rain per month. Temperaturs are warm, averagin aboot 30 °C (86 °F) in the day but nichts are quite ceul.

Acause o its abundant rainfaw, Ibb is kent as "the fertile province". Amaist the whole aurie o the govrenorate ootside urban centres is cultivatit despite the steep terrain, an the number o crops producit in extraordinarily wide for so sma an aurie. Qat is pairticularly important, but wheat, baurley, sesame an sorghum are the major sources o fuid for maist fowk ootside Ibb ceety. Sophisticatit seestems for management an storage o water frae the saisonal rains allous extra crops tae be grown durin the dry saison.

This sophisticatit agricultur allous Ibb tae support an extremely dense rural population, wi densities o up tae 500 fowk/km² being normal in the wettest auries.

In recent years, Ibb govrenorate haes been the scene o numerous sit-ins in protest at govrenment policies: mony o the maist significant anti-govrenment protesters syne 1999 hae been natives o Ibb an surroondin auries.

Ibb haes the lairgest Yemeni expatriates abroad destributit in Saudi Arabie; aboot 500,000, an USA; aboot 200,000, they are mainly frae Baadan, Alshaer, an Alsabrah.

Destricts[eedit | eedit soorce]

Coordinates: 13°57′N 44°11′E / 13.950°N 44.183°E / 13.950; 44.183